Dungeon Fighter Online

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Dungeon Fighter Online (also known as DFO) is an anime action game that you can play on Windows operating system. The game is not available for consoles and other OS. It is free to play but you can still purchase items, some packages and DLCs from game store or Steam. The game has released in 2005 officially and the game community is still very active. Game’s publisher and developer Neople keep the game up to date and provided good support for the gamers. These facts helped game to be still alive today with many online players.

Dungeon Fighter Online Gameplay

While you are creating your character on the game, you will able to select your class. Your class will also determine your race in the game . You will able to select gender for some classes but it is not available at some of them. There are classes like Slayer, Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest, Thief, Knight, Dark Knight, Creator and Demonic Lancer on the game. Demonic Lancer can be Vanguard and Skirmisher in the future. They are good at close combat and also close-range combat. Demonic Lancers are only male. Creator is a special magic class which can use the power of the time. Creator class is only female. Dark Knight is a warrior who has chosen to dark side as his path and they are only male. Knight is the opposite power of the Dark Knight, they prefer to use melee weapons and they are only female. Thieves are agile Dark Elf creatures of the game. Their stealth ability help them to get closer their enemies and inflict them critical damages. Priests are the support class of the game and they can be also offensive. They can heal their party members. Mages are range combatants of DFO realm, they use the arcane power to eliminate their enemies. Gunner is a ranger class and they can use high-tech weapons. Fighters are melee fighters of the realm. Slayers are sword users and they are very agile creatures. Gender is selectable for slayer, fighter, gunner, mage and priest characters of the game.

Gameplay Video

You can watch 25 minutes gameplay video of DFO below:

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Updated version of Dungeon Fighter Online’s official launch trailer:

Score: 75

Story: 78

Gameplay: 86

Support: 72

Item Variety: 62

Graphics: 73

Community: 76


  • We like the gameplay of Dungeon Fighter Online. There are small problems but it doesn’t even worth to mention here.
  • We believe that storyline should be better but we cannot say it is bad though. It has a decent stoyline.
  • Player community is good.
  • Graphics are average and it can be improved.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 7 OS, Internet Explorer 10, Any 512 MB Graphic Card, 18 GB Storage, 2 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 Processor
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A