Duty of Heroes

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Duty of Heroes is a game which you can play on Kongregate, Facebook and Android. The game has similar concept with many other MMORPG. However it is still giving a good game experience for gamers.

Duty of Heroes Gameplay

You will need to pick a class at the beginning of the game. There are three classes on Duty of Heroes. Mage, Archer and Warrior. You can select one of these classes for your hero. You will begin to your adventure with your hero after you picked the class. You are not going to battle in quests of the game. Fights will be done automatically and you can not manage your heroes manually at all. All you need to do is caring of your skills, items, other party units and your talents. We recommend you to check your talents in every level since you will get a talent point for each levels.

You will get rewards after you complete a quest in the game. You can also get login rewards from the game daily. There are events and promotions on the game which will help you to earn diamonds. Heroic Medals in the game will help you to get better units to your party. You will get these medals with promotions and with the quest you will finish. If you follow tutorial quests in the game, you will also get more information about these. There is a “Quest Guide” button at the top right of game screen. Click on that to see what quests you should do next. That will help you a lot for learning and questing.

Gameplay Video


Score: 51

Story: 46

Gameplay: 67

Support: 65

Item Variety: 45

Graphics: 49

Community: 72


  • Good MMORPG with strategy.
  • Hero traits is one of unique features of the game which will make difference against your opponents.
  • Duty of Heroes 100% free to play.
  • You can play this game at multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Kongregate, Facebook, etc.


  • Role-playing is not strict on the game.
  • Graphics are not very good at browser versions.

Minimum Requirements: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor