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Eldevin is a free to play MMORPG game. You can play the game on mac and Windows operating systems. Eldevin has been published in 2014. Despite of its young age, the game development is a little bit slow nowadays. The gameplay of the game is looking like Runescape. If you like Runescape, you may also like this game but you won’t find much online players on Eldevin.

Eldevin Gameplay

There are 6 classes on Eldevin, you can select one of these classes before you start to game:

  • Templar: Templars are tank characters and they are very defensive on the game. They can get closer to range enemies and eliminate them.
  • Warrior: Warriors are not tanky as same as Templar. However their damage is significantly better than templar.
  • Assassin: Assassins are fast characters of Eldevin realm and they eliminate their foes with quick and multiple damages.
  • Ranger: Rangers are typical bowmen. They use bow and arrows to damage their target.
  • Mage: They cast spells their enemies and they damage their enemies with massive damage.
  • Prophet: The support class of Eldevin realm. They heal their allies and themselves on the game.

After you select one of these classes, you can begin to the game. You can watch the guideline video below for newcomers.

Gameplay Video

You can see the video for beginners below and you will have an idea about the gameplay of Eldevin. You will also see the tutorial tasks on the video which will help you to learn controls and combat skills.

Eldevin screenshots:


This is the first launch video of Eldevin which has been published in 2014. It is been published by official publisher Youtube channel of the game – Hunted Cow Studios:

Score: 71

Story: 80

Gameplay: 72

Support: 65

Item Variety: 72

Graphics: 73

Community: 60


  • There are many quests and missions on the game.
  • There is a huge world on Eldevin and if you like to explore in games, that will be a good free opportunity for you.
  • It has an old school style.


  • Inventory is very limited on the game and if you want to improve your storage, you will need to pay for that.
  • The last update has happened about 7 months ago.
  • Graphics of the game are not very promising and it is a little bit outdated.
  • Controls can be hard a little bit for newcomers.
  • There are not much online players on the game.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Windows XP OS, Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Storage
macOS: Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion, Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Storage
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A