Emporea: Realms of War & Magic

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Emporea: Realms of War & Magic is a nice fantasy role-play game that you can play on Browser, Android devices, iPhone & iPad, Windows OS and macOS. You can download the game from Steam for macOS and Windows OS. It is free to play.

Emporea: Realms of War & Magic Gameplay

There are four known races you can select on Emporea. These are Elves, Dwarves, Undeads and Orcs.

  • Elves are mediocre builders and warriors on Emporea. They are also good spell casters. Elves are fast fighters of Emporea Realms.
  • Dwarf race is not good at spell casting. They are good at fighting and building. They have resistance against magics and they are powerful warriors.
  • Undeads are very good at spell casting and building. They are bad as warrior class. They are necromancers of the realm and spell destruction magics.
  • Orcs are mediocre at spell casting and bad at building. However they are the best race in fighting. They are the strongest fighters.

Select your race wisely before you start. Emporea: Realms of War & Magic is a strategy game and don’t forget that you will need all these three abilities while you are playing it. The game is a good strategy game for buildings but there is not much tactics and strategy on battles on the game. Just you will need to be stronger than your opponents for win battles. The other important thing for you is your inventory. Check your inventory often and see if you get any item which you can equip. These items will help you on battlefield and may be on construct your buildings.

There are good alliance communities in the game which you will have fun. We have joined Wolves of Tritan when we were reviewing the game and we were very pleased with helpful members.

By the way, Oliver Nosaczynski’s musics had a good effect on the game.

You can watch the gameplay video below to get more information on gameplay.

Gameplay Video


Score: 74

Story: 72

Gameplay: 88

Support: 76

Item Variety: 68

Graphics: 67

Community: 72


  • We like the alliance system of Emporea: Realms of War & Magic and we delighted with the communication between players.
  • Pixel Federation is updating game often.
  • We like the concept of the game. It looks like Heroes: Might and Magic a little bit.
  • You can play the game at any platform. This is available on Kongregate, Facebook, Android, iOS, macOS, WindowsOS.
  • We like the race (class) balance of the game.


  • Graphics of the game can be better.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
Android: Version 2.3.3 and up
iPad and iPhone: Version iOS 7.0 and up
Windows OS: Pentium 4 2.5GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 300 MB Storage, any graphic card works
macOS: Any version of macOS, 1 GB RAM, 300 MB Storage