Fallen Sword

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Fallen Sword is an old school fantasy adventure game that you can play on Browser. The game is free to play and its publisher is Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. No need to download to the game and you don’t need to pay for playing it. The game is free at all and it is very popular in USA, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia and India. We have also introduced another game of Hunted Cow Studios on GameRanks. You can also check our review for Eldevin which is another game of publisher.

Fallen Sword Gameplay

There will be your character on the map and you will need to control him with your mouse. There are beginner quests and a tutorial at the beginning of the game which will help you to learn how to fight against creatures, how to get quests from NPCs and how to complete these quests. We recommend you to watch/get these quests to learn more about Fallen Sword. You will find several quests and tasks on the game. There are also NPC sellers, dungeons and interesting stuff awaits you on the game. While you are playing Fallen Sword, you can also talk other players of the game on chat platform which is located under of map. You can also go to “wiki pages” of the game via hitting “F5”. You can get many information about the game on wiki pages.

Gameplay Video

You can watch the gameplay video of Fallen Sword in the video below:

You can click on Fallen Sword screenshots to enlarge them:


Official trailer of Fallen Sword which has been published by Hunted Cow Studios:

Score: 53

Story: 82

Gameplay: 86

Support: 70

Item Variety: 60

Graphics: 60

Community: 86


  • Fallen Sword is a nice old school fantasy adventure game.
  • It is free to play.
  • No need to download to game. You can play it through browser.
  • The player community of the game is very large. You will meet many people from different countries on the game.


  • Graphics are not very good as expected.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: For Chrome: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: N/A
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A