Farm Fun

Farm Fun

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Farm Fun is the type of farming game where you really get to test your skills and see how good of a farmer you really are. As the name suggests, it’s quite an interesting idea and a lot of people will like it just because it’s so creative and fun. The advantage with Farm Fun is that it allows you to bring your dream farm to life, while making it very interesting and enjoyable at the same time.

Farm Fun screenshot


In Farm Fun you must complete all kinds of puzzles in order to win. It’s a board game where you get to test out a variety of different tasks and challenges, while also nurturing animals. This is a great take on farming, it’s very enjoyable and creative, yet it still gives all the control you want as a player. All these things add up to help provide an exceptional puzzle game experience with a fun twist too.
It’s always great to play a fun puzzle game with all kinds of unique elements. And that’s what you will find here. It allows you to test yourself and see what kind of puzzles you can fulfill as you play. The game does get progressively more challenging, and that’s definitely something a bit on the harder side. But if you get past it, Farm Fun will deliver you an exceptional experience and you will find it to work extremely well.

How To Play?

The idea here is to find similar items and match them, but you can also find all kinds of different farming tasks too. The game is constantly bringing in all kinds of different and enjoyable farming puzzles. You do get to feel how it is to be a farmer, while also testing out all kinds of methods you can use to achieve your goals.
With that in mind, many puzzles have more than a single way to complete them. Which adds to the experience, while still making the gameplay very enjoyable. Farm Fun also has a tutorial that guides you in the beginning, so it’s great to go through.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Follow the tutorial and guidelines, as they are very helpful
  • Try to experiment with different solutions for puzzles
  • Each new puzzle can have more than one solution


  • With Farm Fun you really get to test your farming knowledge
  • There are a variety of strategies you can test out
  • The gameplay is very intense and immersive


  • Some puzzles can become repetitive