For Honor Warriors IO

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For Honor Warriors IO is a game where you can choose one of the 12 warriors in the list and put your allegiance to the test. What makes For Honor Warriors IO incredible is not only its unique visual style, but also the exceptional quality and value. The best part is that you get to engage in a powerful free for all war where everyone needs to do their best to survive.


The way you play in For Honor Warriors IO is you choose a hero and then you will be able to access and upgrade all kinds of weapons. Every hero has their own abilities and you can use that to your own advantage in order to win. Not only that, but you have hordes of other players coming your way, so you really need to do everything you can in order to survive. It’s a very demanding game, but also one where you can make good use of strategy in order to win.

Graphics and Visuals

Despite being a small game, For Honor Warriors IO has very good graphics, and they really bring in that sense of immersion. On top of that, the character design is very creative, and you really get to feel that you are one with the character.

Sound and Music

Since this is a fighting, strategy game, the music is very appropriate, epic and it always pushes your boundaries to achieve great results. In addition, the sounds make it feel very realistic even if the game has plenty of arcade elements.

Difficulty and Replayability

What’s great about For Honor Warriors IO is that it starts off easy, but difficulty ramps up as you play and gain experience. The replay value is great too, since you always have different enemies to face. That means you can even test new strategies in order to win.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Try to unlock as many heroes as possible to vary the way you play
  • Defeat the enemy hordes by using your basic attacks, but also special abilities
    -Experiment with new weapons as you try to win


  • There are many different hero types to unlock
  • The gameplay loop is very engaging
    -Great weapons


  • Gameplay loop can get a bit repetitive

Our Final Thoughts After Hours of Gameplay and Testing

For Honor Warriors IO is a great strategy title featuring heroes and extraordinary battles. It’s extremely engaging and fun, but at the same time you can be very creative with attacks. Harnessing the hero abilities and using them properly can be amazing, and it gives new ways to play.