Global Strike

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Global strike is an action FPS game of Game321. You can play the game on Facebook and official website of Game321. It is a first person shooter game which you won’t need to download and you will able to play it on browser. You will fight against mutant or humans on the game. It depends if you are affected by the virus. It is free to play!

Global Strike Gameplay

Global Strike is a fun FPS game. You will start to game as a police as same as other online people on the game. However the virus will start to affect you or other players and they will be infected. They will turn into mutant soon. You will need to fight against mutants if you are not affected by virus. If you affected by a virus, you will turn into a mutant and you will need to fight against humans. You can use weapons on the game if you didn’t infected but mutants have only melee attacks. If you touch a human while you are a mutant, you will infect him and he will turn into a mutant too. Then he will start to fight against humans.

You will start every turn as a human. You need to stay away from mutants and eliminate them for not to become one of them. You can purchase better weapons with collecting coins. You will able to collect coins with joining a game.

Gameplay Video

You can watch the Global Strike’s gameplay video below:

Screenshots of Global Strike. Click on pictures to enlarge, please.


Global Strike’s official trailer below:

Score: 71

Story: 76

Gameplay: 90

Support: 82

Item Variety: 73

Graphics: 86

Community: 72


  • Global Strike is 100% free to play.
  • You can play the game on official website of Game321 and also Facebook.
  • There are many online players on the game and you will able to find people who will fight against you on the maps.
  • You will enjoy with the game.


  • We like the concept of the game, however mutants are looking like undead more than mutant.
  • There can be a serious power difference on little areas and mutants can win every turn.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: N/A
macOS: N/A