Handyman 3D

Handyman 3d

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Handyman 3D is an exciting and very engaging game where you get to bring your idea to life of constructing the stuff that you always wanted in your own way. It’s a very interesting game where you do get to see how the life of a handyman really is, and it will bring in quite a lot of creative ideas and cool moments into the mix as well.

Handy Man screenshot


The way you play in Handyman 3D is you have a variety of missions to complete. As a handyman, you are required to do all kinds of interesting tasks, and these can range from cleaning buckets, lacing bricks and also using construction equipment. That adds to the realism of the game, and it also makes it easier than ever to enjoy the experience and have fun for a change.

At the same time, there are different chapters and these will be different when it comes to the overall difficulty. That’s where we think Handyman 3D manages to shine, because not only is it a creative game, it’s a whole bunch of fun and people like it quite a bit. The fact that you also have multiple missions to play through adds to that as well.

How To Play?

In Handyman 3D you enter the game world and you are guided by a tutorial. Then you need to complete tasks on your own. As we mentioned earlier, you will use construction equipment, place bricks and even clean buckets as needed. Each mission has its own set of goals and that’s great because you get to test your limits and find new ways to play.

It’s a very engaging and fun adventure, but at the same time it does relate to the real tasks of a handyman. So it’s definitely a great way to see how this type of job fares and what you need to do. It’s different to the many other jobs out there, yet at the same time you are bound to like and appreciate it. Just consider giving it a try for yourself and we guarantee you will have a lot of fun with it.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Follow all the guidelines and requirements from the tutorial, it will make the game easier
  • Sometimes the solutions in the game are not that obvious, so you have to think like a handyman
  • Every chapter has increasing difficulty, so you need to prepare for that


  • Handyman 3D brings a realistic approach to the gameplay
  • You have a large variety of interesting challenges
  • There are multiple levels to go through


  • The game can become a bit repetitive
  • Some tasks are hard to complete