Hexquatic Kraken

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Hexquatic Kraken is an exciting, fun and enjoyable journey in the match 3 world. The game is designed to bring you those fun, immersive and engaging moments you always wanted, while trying out something that’s still extremely good.

You get to enter an aquatic world where you have to match 3 or more creatures that look the same. While it might not sound like a whole lot at first, Hexquatic Kraken puts you in the middle of the ocean and each level you need to test your skills and limits.

The nice thing is that you always get to do even more and truly push yourself to the next level in a way that’s not only creative, but fun and super enticing at the same time.


As a match 3 game, Hexquatic Kraken is straightforward and it really focuses a lot on testing you as you try to match everything the way you want. The game world is breathtaking, you have sea animals, coral reefs and a lot of amazing stuff. It just adds to the experience while bringing you something that’s not only enjoyable, but also fun and super immersive too. Which is why you have to test it out for yourself and see how it works.

The entire game world is filled with match 3 puzzles and at the end you have to defeat the kraken. It’s a game that will test your might and how you play, but it really is a lot of fun and it brings in front a very empowering and downright enjoyable way to explore the depths.

How To Play

The way you play Hexquatic Kraken is simple, you just have to choose 3 or more tiles that have the same shape or color. And then you want to drag on them and you will acquire a certain amount of points. The more tiles you have in a row, the more points you will get. Which is something to keep in mind. Every level will have a certain amount of points you need to acquire in order to win.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Try to create the lengthiest possible number of tiles in order to accumulate a lot of points
  • You can always work with a large variety of different tile styles, not just stick to one
  • Every game has a different layout, so you can restart if you dislike the current layout


  • The game has a large number of levels, each with its fair share of challenges
  • It’s a visually stunning game world with lots of amazing features
  • It tests your puzzle solving skills


  • Sometimes it can get quite difficult