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Kingsroad is a good adventure rpg that you can play with browser. The game has released in 2012 by two former EA workers. You can also play this game with your Facebook account. If you also connect your account to your Facebook account, you will able to use your existing game data on Android and iOS devices. The game has very good graphics. Developers are updating Kingsroad properly. It is hard to find bugs and errors in the game. When we have checked reviews about Kingsroad on Android and iOS devices, we have seen that users are generally happy with the performance of the game. You won’t need to purchase items for play the game with real cash. You can go quite further in the game without spending any bucks. You will also find some small interesting stories in quests of the Kingsroad.

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KingsRoad Gameplay

You can easily register to the game with your Facebook account. If you are using a PC, we recommend you to play the game at the main site of rumblesgame. Please don’t forget to server you select before you start the game. You may need it in the future. You can select three classes in KingsRoad: Wizard, Knight and Archer. Wizard is an arcane attacker from the range, Knights are brave individuals of the game with melee attacks, Archers are rangers of the forest with their bows. You will need to complete some quests in the game for levelling fast. The main quest giving person is Father Byron the Sage in the game. You can learn your skills from Sir Caleb, you can get your class from Grisolm and you can purchase items from Lorian. You can get quests from all these NPCs in the game. You can also change your class with guidance of Grisolm. You will able to unlock some NPCs in the game also such as Blacksmith, Alchemist, etc… However you will need to complete quests for getting these NPCs in the game. Levelling is easy in the game with doing quests. You will able to handle bosses at the beginning of the game. When you can not handle them at higher levels, you will able to join parties and invite people to parties which you will lead. Parties will help you to hunt strong creatures with other players in the game. You will start with normal hardness to the quests. When you complete a stage, you will able to get higher quests with more diamond rewards. Diamonds is the main currency of the game which you can purchase very precious items. There are 5 kind of equipment for your hero. Normal equipment, appearance, trinkets, battle wings and dragon cores. You can get these items from chests in quests and from drops of eliminated creatures. You can also change your skin in the game for a better looking.

You will able to drink health recovery potions and other potions with short cuts in the game. Such as Q, W, E, R.

Don’t forget to get your daily rewards in the game, when you login.

Gameplay Video


Score: 79

Story: 84

Gameplay: 83

Support: 87

Item Variety: 90

Graphics: 86

Community: 72


  • Awesome graphics.
  • Dedicated support from Rumble Games.
  • Devs are caring for the game and keep updating it.
  • Small interesting stories of each guests.
  • Many online players from different countries of the world.
  • Many items and different item stats are making KingsRoad more exciting.


  • Having problems while targeting monsters and players.
  • Inventory is too small and it starts to give headache some time later.
  • There are various problems at mobile versions of the game. You will have the best experience through the browser.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor