Kung Fu Sparrow

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Kung Fu Sparrow is one of those cool, fun games where you are sparrow and your focus is on trying to learn kung fu. It’s a very funny idea and one that actually works great within this amazing game world. It’s all about having fun and kicking others in order to win. With this game you also have numerous types of opponents and a lot of bonus levels, so there’s always something enjoyable to find right around the corner.


As you enter the game, you will explore the world and you encounter enemies right in front of you. The focus is to try and battle them using all the numerous techniques. It’s very fun to browse the world and engage in fights, but the cool thing is that every enemy can use different tactics. Which is what sets the game apart, the fact that it’s very engaging and full of unique elements. That’s why we highly recommend giving it a try for yourself.

Graphics and Visuals

Visually, Kung Fu Sparrow is stunning and it really adds a unique perspective into the mix. You have a great set of levels and unique locations where you can battle your enemies. It never becomes off-putting, instead the gameplay is constantly engaging and fun, not to mention filled with a great sense of immersion.

Sound and Music

The soundtrack is vibrant, and it really sets the tone to what you are doing on the screen. That’s why the game feels great while playing, since you feel that sense of excitement and fun.

Difficulty and Replayability

You can always use new tactics to battle enemies so yes, Kung Fu Sparrow does have a lot of replay value. Do keep in mind that it can be a rather difficult game, but it’s one of those titles that truly add to creating an enjoyable and engaging experience, especially in the long run.

Help, Tips and Tricks

-Try to use different battle tactics for each enemy
-Upgrade your abilities and improve properly
-Explore every bit of the world for great rewards


-The game world is huge and you have a lot of enemies
-Different attacks allow you to synergize and create amazing battles
-New enemy types appear often


-Some of the enemies seem purposefully hard

Our Final Thoughts After Hours of Gameplay and Testing

As a whole, Kung Fu Sparrow is a very good package. It’s a fighting game with a comedic twist, and it will keep you laughing all the time. Yes, it’s engaging and also with a great replay value, but it stays fun all around, and that sets it to the next level!