League of Legends

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League of Legends (also known as LoL) is one of the most popular MMO games of the world and the game has been published about 8 years ago. It still keeps the popularity and many people from different countries are still playing the game. LoL is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA). The game also including real time strategy and fantasy factors. The game is published by Riot Games, Inc.

League of Legends (LoL) Gameplay

There are many kind of Champions on the LoL that you can select and each heroes have different classes:

Champions List and Classes

Champion list and their classes below.

Assassin Champions

  • Shaco: Shaco is a jester who is looking like Joker in Batman. He hurts his enemies with critical attacks and he can be invisible to make surprising ambushes his foes.
  • Akali: Akali has one class on LoL. She is quite fast and she can damage her targets significantly.

Mage Champions

  • Annie: Annie is a straight magic champion and she hurts their foes with fire-based spells.
  • Veigar: Veigar is a mage with evil powers. He uses the dark magic for his foes.
  • Karthus: Karthus is a undead version of Bards (common bards in RP games). He does good magical damage and he has very useful abilities to damage all enemy champions on the battlefield.
  • Ziggs: Ziggs is an evil form of Corki. He uses bombs to damage his foes.
  • Brand: Brand uses fire spells as same as Annie and he can damage his targets massively with this abilities.
  • Vel’Koz: Vel’Koz is another creature which is using the power of the void.
  • Lissandra: An ice mage with strong spells.
  • Twisted Fate: He is a champion who is using cards.
  • Viktor: Viktor is a mechanic champion which uses robotic powers to eliminate his targets. He already known as the Machine Herald.
  • Cassiopeia: Unlike Annie and Brand, the damage dealt against other champions is not that  high for Cassiopeia. However she can start harm her enemies from quite distance and it gives her a good advantage.

Marksman Champions

  • Jinx: She can be the fastest on the game. She uses multiple weapons to eliminate her targets.
  • Draven: He is brother of Darius. He uses throwing axe on battlefield.
  • Sivir: Sivir uses a large boomerang weapon on the battlefield. She has also some defensive skills.
  • Lucian: Lucian is a strong marksman with his high-tech weapon.
  • Caitlyn: Caitlyn is a dangerous champion of LoL. She can lay traps, hit her enemies with head shot damages and she can do massive damage with her bow.
  • Kalista: She uses her spear from the range. She can also impale her target with her abilities.
  • Xayah: She can throw feathers like a dagger to the range.
  • Graves: Graves hurts their enemies much with his bloody magnificent weapon.
  • Miss Fortune: She is using weapons on both hands and she can slow down her enemies.
  • Corki: Corki is a bomber man of League of Legends realm and he damages his enemies from the range and flying.
  • Kindred: He is a lamb with wolf head and he has some skills from those both animals.

Fighter Champions

  • Mordekaiser: Mordekaiser has been made from iron and he can absorb damages with this speciality.
  • Gangplank: A pirate champion which can also hurt his enemies from the range.
  • Rek’Sai: Another bug-like creature in LoL. He can hide from enemies on the map with burrow skills and he can also damage his foes with void abilities.

Support Champions

  • Rakan: Rakan is just a support champion and he has no secondary ability according to LoL. However he can still damage his enemies with his magic skills.

Tank Champions

  • Shen: Shen is one of the best tank champions on the game. He cannot hurt his enemies much but he helps his allies to be tanky on the game.

Assassin Fighter Range Champions on LoL

There is only one champion on this class on League of Legends:

  • Nidalee: Nidalee is using power of animal spirits and she can also shape shift into a cougar. She gains new abilities with the cougar.

Assassin Fighter Melee Champions

  • Ekko: He can shatter time with his abilities and attack his foes with confusing them.
  • Fiora: A duelist… She is good at melee attacks.
  • Fizz: Fizz is a good assassin, fighter with evasion skills.
  • Irelia: Irelia is a good assassin and fighter class with his damage and restoration skills.
  • Jax
  • Kha’Zix: He is using void energy as same as Kassadin. He is good at melee combat.
  • Lee Sin: A blind monk with quick attacks.
  • Master Yi: He is a strong melee fighter of LoL.
  • Nocturne: Alien-like champion on League of Legends. Nocturne can hurt his enemies much with his attacks.
  • Pantheon: Pantheon is a melee fighter but he can still damage his enemies with his spear from the range.
  • Rengar: Rengar is a champion with lion head and steel claws. He can hide from enemies and ambush them.
  • Riven: She uses a sword which is larger than herself. Her dexterous abilities stop enemies to harm her and also help her to make quick attacks.
  • Talon: He attacks his enemies with critical damages and with stealth abilities.
  • Tryndamere: He is very dangerous champion with his deadly sword.
  • Vi: Vi is a good fighter with mechanic fists. She doesn’t need to use a weapon. Her fists hurt her foes enough.
  • Xin Zhao: Xin Zhao fights with his deadly spear on the battlefield.
  • Yasuo: Yasuo is a swordsman with high agility. He has high attack speed.
  • Zed: Zed is a good melee champion with nice range abilities. He can shoot his enemies with shuriken from the range. He uses power of the darkness on his combat skills.

Assassin Mage Range Champions

  • Ahri: She is a mage more than an assassin and she has very effective spells.
  • Xerath: Xerath is using arcane powers to eliminate his foes.
  • LeBlanc: She is a good mage with cloning and illusion skills.
  • Malzahar: He uses the void power as same as Kassadin, Kha’zix.

Assassin Mage Melee Champions

  • Katarina: Katarina can throw dagger toı the range, she can gain speed bonus, she can also harm her foes with magic damage.
  • Kassadin: Kassadin has a good magic resistance and he uses void energy.
  • Evelynn: Evelynn has stealth ability that helps her to camouflage. She can hurt any foes that standing on her path.

Assassin Marksman Range Champions

  • Tristana: She uses a bazooka to eliminate her targets from the range.
  • Vayne: She is a marksman more than an assassin. Her damage dealt to enemies is quite good and she can do that from quite range.
  • Jhin: Jhin can be very dangerous with this range weapon on the game.
  • Twitch: He has stealth ability and he can be invisible with the camouflage. He uses poison attacks.
  • Teemo: He is fast and he is using venomous attacks against his foes.

Fighter Mage Melee Champions

  • Rumble: Rumble is a good champion as a mage, fighter and support. He has multiple abilities to slay his enemies with melee and magic damages and he can also slow down his targets.
  • Gragas: A drunk champion which takes his power from the beer.
  • Diana: She uses the power of the moon for attacking her enemies. She can also slow down her foes.

Fighter Mage Range Champions

  • Swain: Swain can attack to range with his raven Beatrice.
  • Ryze: Ryze is using power of runes while he is fighting in battlefield.
  • Elise: Elises stats are very balanced and that is a good advantage for this champion. She uses spider abilities and venomous attacks against her foes.
  • Aurelion Sol: Aurelion Sol is not very defensive but he can give massive damage to his opponents.

Fighter Support Range Champions

  • Thresh: Only range class fighter-support champion. He is a better support than a fighter. He uses the dark magic.

Fighter Support Melee Champions

  • Taric: He can heal allies and increase armor of allies.
  • Nunu: Nunu rides a strong Yeti creature on the game and you can control this creature too if you ever select Nunu as champion.
  • Kayle: Kayle is a good fighting and support class of LoL. He uses knight-like skills on the game.

Fighter Tank Melee Champions

  • Olaf: Olaf is a Scandinavian-like champion on the game. (Actually exactly a Viking) His title is already berserker and he hurts his enemies badly with this strong axe abilities.
  • Blitzcrank:With moderate attack speed and attack damage, blitzcrank is a good tank champions of the game.
  • Zac: Zac is a tanky fighter class with some good abilities.
  • Aatrox: He is fast and gain more tank ability with this skills.
  • Yorick: He can gain damage bonuses during the battle and he can block enemies path.
  • Camille: Camille is a good tank fighter with good amount of health and mana regeneration.
  • Wukong: Wukong is also know as Monkey King. He is tanky for physical and magical attacks. He can also harm his enemies with good amount of damage.
  • Darius: A strong fighter with good tanking abilities.
  • Warwick: Warwick can heal with the damage he has done against other champions. If he weakens his target, he can attack faster.
  • Dr.Mundo: Dr. Mundo is a sacrificing mad champion of the realm. He can hurt himself while he hurt his foes significantly.
  • Volibear: Volibear is an armored bear on LoL. He uses his claws against his enemies.
  • Garen: Garen is a defensive warrior with good attack abilities.
  • Udyr: Udyr damages his targets with stance of multiple powerful creatures.
  • Gnar: A cute creature which can be dangerous on the arena. He can be quite quick with his skills.
  • Trundle: Trundle is a troll. He can slow down his enemies with the power of ice.
  • Hecarim: A good warrior who is using a spear. His onslaught ability is quite effective.
  • Skarner: Skarner is a scorpion which has been created from crystal. He is already known as the Crystal Vanguard. He uses the power of crystal while he is attacking his enemies.
  • Illaoi: Illaoi is using forces of a Kraken in battlefield. She has a good health regeneration.
  • Sion: Sion is an enormous creature. He can steal life from his target, he regenerates health very quick and he is very deadly with his axe.
  • Jarvan IV: With his strong armour and lance, he can tank damages and harm his enemies.
  • Singed: Singed is a chemist and he attacks his enemies with chemical abilities.
  • Kled: Kled is a mighty warrior with his little coward lizard. He is tanky and his damage dealt to his enemies is very good.
  • Shyvana: Shyvana also known as half-dragon on LoL realm. She can transform into dragon.
  • Malphite: He has been made from granite and he is very tanky class with moderate damage dealt against his foes.
  • Sejuani: She is very resistant to physical damage and magic damages. You cannot also slow down this champion with magic or other type of damage. She rides a boar and use frost type attacks against her enemies.
  • Nasus: Nasus has good abilities for protection, resistance and damage.
  • Renekton: Renekton is a fearless alligator-like creature. He uses a blade to slay his enemies and he can also transform to Tyrant.
  • Nautilus: Nautilus is a robotic sailor creature of LoL. Almost his every stats are at moderate range.
  • Rammus: Rammus is a tank armadillo. He has a protective shell.
  • Poppy: Poppy is a good tanky class with his slow down and resistance skills.

Fighter Marksman Range Champions

  • Urgot: Urgot has good abilities for reducing target’s armor, increasing resistance against pyhsical attacks.
  • Quinn: Quinn uses his giant eagle Valor to assault her enemies.

Mage Support Range Champions

  • Zyra: Zyra is using power of the plants against her foes. She is already known as Rise of the Thorns in LoL.
  • Anivia: One of the best champions on the game for slow down your enemies. She is not good enough on combat though. Still a good support champion.
  • Bard: Bard has multiple support abilities. He can heal his allies, he can slow down their enemies, he can save friends with portal.
  • Zilean: He uses the power of the time in LoL.
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Taliyah : She uses power of the stone and rock to eliminate her targets.
  • Morgana: She is a famous mage with multiple stories and legends. She follow the dark side in LoL too. She uses dark magic.
  • Heimerdinger
  • Syndra: Syndra is using dark spheres to use her abilities. She can be quite dangerous with the dark magic spells.
  • Janna: She uses the power of the storm for her enemies and allies.
  • Soraka: She heals her allies with multiple skills. She is one of the best support champions on the game. She can also stop enemies with multiple ways.
  • Nami: Nami is a mage champion with nice sea and water abilities. She can empower her allies for a short time.
  • Karma: She uses spiritual powers on LoL battlefields.
  • Sona: Sona uses the power of the music to support her allies and eliminate her targets.
  • Lulu: She cannot hurt much but she save lives on LoL.
  • Orianna: Orianna has a magical ball and you can do many nice things with this ball. (Such as: unleash a shockwave to your enemies, protect your allies, attack your enemies from the range.)
  • Lux: A true wizard of the game. Her magic damages hurt much.

Mage Support Melee Champions

  • Ivern: The only mage support melee champion on LoL. He uses power of the nature against his foes and for his allies.

Mage Tank Range Champions

  • Vladimir: He is the only tank mage who can effect to range. He can gain health bonus during the battle, steal life from enemies with multiple ways on the game

Mage Tank Melee Champions

  • Galio: Galio is a tank champion of the realm and he provides damage reduction to allies.
  • Amumu: He is a mage first more than a tank class. He can reduce his enemy damage with some abilities.
  • Maokai: A treant which has decided to follow dark side. He is tanky but not very effective on damage dealt to his enemies.
  • Cho’Gath: Cho’Gath has very useful abilities for stopping enemy from the range and slow them down.

Mage Marksman Range Champions

  • Varus: Varus uses a magical bow to eliminate his targets with powerful shots, multiple arrows, etc.
  • Kennen: A champion who can use the power of lightning on his skills. He can also attack range with shurikens.
  • Azir: Azir one of the strong champions on LoL. His stats is well balanced with his skills.
  • Kog’Maw: Kog’Maw is a kind of bug which is using biological attacks on his targets.
  • Ezreal: He hits his enemies with the magical bow from the range.

Support Tank Melee Champions

  • Tahm Kench: Tahm Kench is a frog-like creature or is he a catfish or cancer? Something else? There are many rumours about his kind but we know that he is tanky and he has good support abilities.
  • Leona: She can stun her targets and stop them for a little time. She also has abilities to defend herself from physical and magical attacks.
  • Braum: Braum is a champion with high magic resistance. When you compare him with Alistar, he has better armor but worse health and mana regeneration. His maximum mana point much better though, means you can use more skills on battlefield.
  • Alistar: If you are seeking for a champion with very good support skills and a little bit tanky, Alistar is good for you. He can already do good damage against their enemies.

Support Marksman Range Champions

  • Ashe: She is the only marksman support class. She can slow down their enemies with her frost arrows.

Gameplay Video

You can learn what is League of Legends with the official video of the game publisher:

You can watch the gameplay video of League of Legends below:

There is some League of Legends screenshots below. You can click on these pictures to enlarge them. You can see next picture with arrow buttons in your keyboard.


One of the most recent trailers of League of Legends:

Score: 85

Story: 87

Gameplay: 96

Support: 89

Item Variety: 98

Graphics: 97

Community: 96


  • The game is free to play and download. You can still purchase items from the game store.
  • LoL has the largest player community on MMO World.
  • The game graphics are improved and updated.
  • The game has been published about 8 years ago and it gains more online gamers everyday.
  • Backgrounds of the champions are very nice and it helps to storyline of the game.
  • There are many champions on the game. More options are providing more fun to users.


  • Players in community can be rude at times.
  • There is a huge amount of online players on LoL and it can cause publisher to fail at customer support at times.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: 2.0 GHz processor, 8 GB Storage, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 OS, 1 GB RAM
macOS: 2 GHz Processor, Mac OS X 10.7.5, nVidia GeForce 8600M GT, 5 GB Storage, 2 GB Ram
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A