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MapleStory is a fantasy MMORPG with pixel graphics. The game publisher officially supports Microsoft Windows OS for the game. The game is also available for iOS devices but we are going to mention about Pocket MapleStory at another page for you. The game is free to play.

MapleStory Gameplay

Maplestory has multiple characters that you can select and there are multiple classes and subclasses. You will need to select one of these characters at the beginning. These are classes and jobs from the game.

  • Magician
    • Battle Mage
    • Beast Tamer
    • Blaze Wizard
    • Evan
    • Kanna
    • Luminous
    • MagicianKinesis

Magician classes are generally focused on Intelligence.

  • Thief
    • Dual Blade
    • Night Walker
    • Phantom
    • Thief
    • Xenon

Thief classes are focused on Luck. However Xenon is also needed Dexterity and Strength.

  • Warrior
    • Aran
    • Dawn Warrior
    • Demon Avenger
    • Demon Slayer
    • Hayato
    • Kaiser
    • Mihile
    • Warrior
    • Zero
    • Blaster

Almost all warrior classes need Strength first. However Demon Avenger’s primary stat is HP.

  • Bowman
    • Bowman
    • Wild Hunter
    • Wind Archer
    • Mercedes

The most important stat is dexterity for Bowman classes.

  • Pirate
    • Angelic Buster
    • Cannoneer
    • Jett
    • Mechanic
    • Pirate
    • Shade
    • Thunder Breaker

Angelic Buster, Jett, Mechanic using dexterity stat first. Shade, Thunder Breaker, Cannoneer are need strength.  Pirate needs strength for Brawler or need dexterity for Gunslinger.

After you select your class, you can begin to the game.

Gameplay Video

You can watch a basic gameplay video about MapleStory below:

Maplestory screenshots:


Official trailer of MapleStory:

Score: 75

Story: 69

Gameplay: 78

Support: 66

Item Variety: 72

Graphics: 75

Community: 80


  • The game has a good player community.
  • MapleStory is 100% free to play and download.
  • The game is also suitable for kids.


  • The game has problems with game hacks and cheats on MapleStory.
  • The game graphics is a little bit old now.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Windows Vista OS, 16 GB Storage, Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHZ, 2 GB RAM, GeForce 8600 GH
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A