Might and Magic Heroes Online

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Might and Magic Heroes Online is a good adventure-strategy role playing game which has very good graphics and a good concept. If you ever played Heroes Might and Magic before, you will easily understand how to play this game. Might and Magic Heroes Online is a browser game, however it’s giving a PC experience for their users. We enjoyed while we were reviewing the game. You can play it on Facebook and Kongregate and official website of the game.

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Might and Magic Heroes Online Gameplay

You will start to game with selecting your age, server and your character name. We recommend you to select an appropriate name. Otherwise you can be banned. You can select one of two community types at the beginning of the game. Haven is knightly powers which are looking like humans and elves. Necropolis is evil powers and they are undeads and necromancers. There are different classes for these each powers.

  • Haven
    • Knight: Brave and defensive warriors of the realm. They have melee attacks and they use many kind of swords and axes.
    • Cleric: These are mages who can heal their allies and also damage their enemies. However they are not defensive like warriors.
  • Necropolis
    • Death Knight: Undead warriors of the realm. They are strong and melee warriors. They can also use curses against their enemies.
    • Necromancer: They use dark arts and necromancy magics against their foes.

You will start to game with a tutorial battle against a Haven Castle and you will need to battle with a Griffin there. You will learn how to use your skills with these battles. Then you are going to start to take your tasks. You will have a town and you will need to build some buildings there to recruit a larger army. You need to have a good strategy while you are building your army and place them. If you put weaker classes back line of your squad, this will be a good advantage for you. You will need to put defensive and melee units to front line in your squad. If you have any support units, you will need to put them at back line too.

The game has adventure like concept and it’s combined with strategy and tactics. You will learn how to play the game with tutorial quests. You will able to get two kind of units at a time. After you get a few levels you will unlock slots and you can get more units in your army.

Gameplay Video


Score: 83

Story: 75

Gameplay: 85

Support: 77

Item Variety: 75

Graphics: 90

Community: 72


  • 100% Free to Play.
  • Amazing quests availabe.
  • Might and Magic Heroes is a good MMORPG, Adventure and Strategy game.
  • The game graphics are very good. You will enjoy with graphics while you play the game.


  • We believe that there should be more classes and more skills in the game.

Minimum Requirements for Browser: Intel Pentium 3 600Mh, VGA 3D Acceleration Graphic Card, 512 MB RAM