Mystic Guardians

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Mystic Guardians is an adventure-role-play game that you can play on Armor Games and Kongregate. The game has a concept like Pokemon and we believe that they have created a good story on this game. The game has released at 15th August 2012 and it has a good popularity on Kongregate and Armor Games at the moment.

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Mystic Guardians Gameplay

Mystic Guardians is a game which is looking like Pokemon. You are starting the game with dreaming a Guardian battle in the game and your granny will wake you up. After you wake up, you will need to set your game character. (His/her hair, round, eye color, hair color, etc.) Then you will go to select your Guardian to a tent. There are different type of Guardians as same as Pokemons. You can select Guardians which have attacks on nature-based, fire-based and water-based at the first stage. Then your quests will start and you will make some Guardian battles in the game. These battles will help your guardian to level up and getting stronger. Guardians will get higher stats for each levels on Mystic Guardians.

There are PvP areas in the cities, be careful to not go through these areas while you are exploring cities. These are areas where players battle each other. You can sell and purchase Guardians in places where is called Guardian Centre. You can also purchase rare Guardians from these places. There is an arrow which points you the location of quests. You can follow that yellow arrow for reaching the quest location or quest giving individual in the game.

You can also capture some guardians in the game. You will need to weaken them first with a few hits but you shouldn’t eliminate them at all. Then click on capture and use the capture disc on the creature. You will already learn how to do that in a quest in the game. You can obtain these discs from potion sellers in cities. If your Guardians are damaged or fainted, you can also go to Guardian Centre to heal them. You can also pay 1 token if you don’t want to turn back to city. Tokens are paid currency of the game and you can purchase them with Kongregate credits. You can also earn tokens from battles. The other currency is gold in Mystic Guardians, you can find them through battles and searching in forests.

Gameplay Video


Score: 58

Story: 72

Gameplay: 62

Support: 50

Item Variety: 51

Graphics: 37

Community: 72


  • Has a nice story and it will give you an exciting experience at the beginning of the game.
  • PvP Guardian battles are amazing.


  • Graphics are not very good.
  • The game is not updated for a long time.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor