Pocket Starships

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Pocket Starship is a unique game with unique quests. You can play this Sci-fi war game at browser, Android, iOS, Kongregate, official website of the game and Facebook. You will find a good space adventure on this game.

Pocket Starship Gameplay

After you begin to game, you will need to pick a faction for yourself. Your options are Military Confederation and Free Republic. There are two servers in the game and we recommend you to take a look at which server you will use before you click on the “Start” button. You can need that in the future. You will start to game with tutorial quests and you will be responsible with defending bases against pirates. While you battle with them, your ship is going to need repair. You will need to keep your eyes on that. There will be yellow arrow in the beginning of the game which will guide you. You can find quest locations with this arrow.

There are very interesting and unique quests on the game. You will enjoy to do some of them. Besides you will need to do some quests with other online people.

Mining is important for gathering resources. You can loot moonstones with mining lasers at mining sectors. Moonstones can be stocked into the Transfer Outposts in the section. You can get them back and refine them at factories. Then you will able to produce items which you will need for your spaceship on the game. You can not carry these moonstones while you are travelling sectors. So don’t forget to leave them into transfer outposts.

Upgrading is also another important thing for you. You can upgrade your ship, weapon and many other equipment in the ship. This will make your ship stronger. You can do these at space stations in storage section. You can build items in factory section. You can also produce new ships there.

Gameplay Video


Score: 60

Story: 30

Gameplay: 72

Support: 69

Item Variety: 63

Graphics: 68

Community: 72


  • Unique quests and unique sci-fi game concept.
  • Average quality graphics.
  • There is a full screen option on the game.
  • It is a popular MMO and you can meet many online players on this game.


  • Tutorials could be better on the game.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor