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Redshift is a Sci-Fi game that you can play on Kongregate, Facebook, Android and iOS devices. The game has been released in 2014 by Clipwire Games. You will have a unique tactical Sci-Fi game experience with Redshift.

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Redshift Gameplay

You will start to game with tutorial quests and tasks. You will learn how to place your ships with the tutorial and how to upgrade them. You can upgrade your ships with Experience Packages which you will get from the quest. You can also upgrade your crew with these items. Crew is important individuals of the game. They will help you to increase damage rate and repair your ships while you are attacking enemies. You will start to attack your enemies with placing your ship in the space. Placing your ship is important for strategy. You can select your units to build a tactic in the game. Some of units are more defensive and some of spaceships are more defensive. Each units have special kind of weapons. Such as Nuke, Plasma Charge, Thermal Charge, Ion Pulse, etc. These weapons will be more effective if you upgrade them.

To upgrade weapons and some equipment you will need some resources which you can earn from quests and battles.  These resources are: Cold Matter, Dark Matter, Omega Matter and Prime Matter.

Redshift has a different tactical specs when we compare it with other Sci-Fi games. If you want to have a unique spaceship experience, you can give a try it.

Gameplay Video


Score: 68

Story: 30

Gameplay: 63

Support: 75

Item Variety: 55

Graphics: 48

Community: 72


  • You can play the game freely.
  • A unique tactical Sci-fi game.


  • Not available on Facebook for Google Chrome. You can play it on Facebook at other devices though.
  • Graphics could be better.

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor