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RiotZone is a game which has been created and developed by Games. You can play this action war game on official website of the game, Android, Kongregate, and iOS. You can play it in English, Polish, Russian and German Languages. It is free to play.

Riotzone Gameplay

You will need to select your community after you register to the game and you will start your missions on the game. There will be a short tutorial for you to learn the game. You don’t need to do much in battlegrounds however you need to set up your battle squad and you also need to give them some stat points to improve your squad abilities. There are 5 important skills for you:

Precision: This skill determines how precisely you use your weapon.

Skill: You will be a skilled warrior with this ability and you will able to load your weapon faster and you are going to shoot target faster.

Speed: Speed is a skill like “agility” in RPG. If you have high speed stat points, it will be harder to shoot you.

Stamina: Stamina is the health point in the game.

Success: Success is a skill that determines successful attacks on your enemies.

You can give points these skills freely after every levelling. You can also spend some Peso for upgrading your skills. Peso is the main currency of the game and you can obtain these from ordinary quests. Dollars are the paid currency of the game which you can purchase with real money. You can obtain items which you need with peso. However you can use dollars for massive buffs, much better armors and weapons, etc.

While you are in battlefield with your squad, you don’t have to do much. Just you should heal your squad and you need to use some offensive items such as bombs, rockets, etc.

Gameplay Video


Score: 76

Story: 42

Gameplay: 75

Support: 78

Item Variety: 63

Graphics: 80

Community: 72


  • RiotZone is a basic game to play. It is not very complicated and you can learn it in a few minutes easily.
  • It is 100% free to play.
  • It has nice graphics and you can fullscreen it.
  • You can play this game in many other languages.
  • Good feedback on Google Play Store and also iOS App Store.


  • It has good graphics for sure but we believe that battlefield graphics and concept could be still better.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
Android: Version 2.3 and up
iPad and iPhone: Version iOS 6.1 and up