Rise of Champions

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Rise of Champions is a good MMORPG that you can play on browser. You can play the game on platforms like Facebook, official website, Kongregate, Armour Games.

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Rise of Champions Gameplay

You can select three classes on the game. Classes are mage, warrior and rogue. Mages are range fighters who have learned studies of the arcane. Warriors are defensive fighters with melee skills. Rogues are melee and range individuals. You can use them as an assassin and also an archer. Assassins are not defensive but makes significant damage against their opponents. Archers are rangers like mages who are using bows and arrows. after you select your class you will begin to the game with a tutorial battle. You will able to understand how to use your skills in the game. You can select multiple skills in the game and you can use them against your opponents. If you have levelled in the game, you will able to give a skill point. Some of these skills will able to help you to stun, ablaze or freeze your enemies. Some items have some elemental damage too. You will also get 3 stat points in the game for each level you get. You can give these points to Strength, Agility, Willpower, Magic and Constitution.

Strength (Warriors): Increases melee damage.

Agility (Rogues): Increases dagger and bow damage and also reflexes and speed.

Magic (Mage): Increases magic damage.

Willpower: Increases stamina and mana.

Constitution: Increases health and resilience.

If you are a mage, your main stat will be Magic. Secondary and third skills will be willpower and constitution for you.

You will able to add some heroes to your party if you get enough level on the game. This will help you to strengthen your squad. However you should place your heroes carefully. Example: When you place your defensive or melee warriors in front line, you should place weaker and range warriors at back line of your squad.

After you reach level 5 or higher, you will start to face with players on the game.

Gameplay Video


Score: 71

Story: 36

Gameplay: 75

Support: 73

Item Variety: 74

Graphics: 52

Community: 72


  • This is a good MMORPG with many online users.
  • Developer of the game is taking care of this game and updating it regularly.
  • You can play this game at multiple platforms on internet. Such as Facebook, official website of the game, Kongregate and Armor Games.


  • There is not Android or iOS version of the game yet.
  • Graphics should be better. Graphics are going worse at full screen mode.

Minimum Requirements for Browser: Intel Pentium 3 600Mh, VGA 3D Acceleration Graphic Card, 512 MB RAM