Rise of Mythos

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You can easily register this game with your Facebook account. You can play the game at the main website of the Rise of Mythos, in Facebook, Kongregates and Armor Games. There are also Android and iOS versions of the game. We are going to tell you more about mobile versions of the game.

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Rise of Mythos Gameplay

At the beginning of the game you will need to pick your gender and your hero’s name. After you have picked required stuffs, you will start Rise of Mythos. The game starts with a battle. You can learn how to battle with the tutorial. The main thing in the game is battle. Strategy is also important thing. You will need to pick your cards carefully for quests and battles in the arena. You will earn cards from each quests and you will also earn cards from events and rewards of the game. You can gain rewards for being online on the game for a certain time, logging in daily, etc. We recommend you to not to miss free rewards if you like the game. You can get something good from these rewarding system.

If you don’t want to spend too much time on the game, you can always prefer to pick automatic battle system in quests and PvPs. The main thing on battles is killing opponent’s hero. You can do it with a good strategy if you are even weaker than opponent. You can also lose if your opponent makes a good strategy against you. After you reach 5th level on the game, you will pick a class for your hero. This class is important since you will decide what kind of specs you will take for your hero. This will effect your damages in battles and also healing.

Each cards have different specs, classes and skills. Some cards have melee, some are range and some are magical type attacks. You can see more details about cards when you hover them with the mouse.

We recommend you to not to pick same squad for every quests and PvP. You will have better cards in time and you will need to replace your current squad. To pick for your best cards in the game: Click on Cards and then click on “Auto-pick” button. This will help you to create the best squad from your current cards. We recommend you to check “Auto-pick” for the quests.

There are many buildings on the game and you will able to unlock after you get enough levels in the game.

Gameplay Video



Score: 69

Story: 32

Gameplay: 72

Support: 62

Item Variety: 54

Graphics: 67

Community: 72


  • 100% free to play.
  • Exciting features and card draw events (rewards).
  • Providing many paid features and items their players free with events and rewarding system.


  • Graphics are not that good.
  • They could create a good story with their current concept for each quests and the game.

Minimum Requirements: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor