Royal Revolt 2

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Royal Revolt 2 is a fantasy MMORPG that you can play on Windows Phone, Windows OS, Android, iOS, Facebook Gameroom. The game is free to play. The game is not available for browsers.

Royal Revolt 2 Gameplay

You will begin to game with a short tutorial. In the tutorial you will learn how to raid other kingdoms and how to defend your castle against your enemies. There are a few ways to defend your castle on the game:

  • Make the road longer which is going to your castle. Making meandering roads will help you to defend your castle more effectively since your enemy will lose time with that. These kind of roads also can improve effectiveness of your towers and barricades with a good strategy and work better with upgraded barricades and towers.
  • Towers another important thing for you for the defence. However you should place them carefully on the road. Some magics have the areal effects and your enemies can destroy them all with a single spell, if you place them narrow. We recommend you to put the wide until you can put many towers near of your roads. You can delay enemy attacks to towers with barricades. Stronger barriers (upgraded barriers) delays attacks more. There are 3 kind of towers on the game.
    • Arrow Towers: These are the weak kind of towers. However they work well from the range. They are not very defensive against fire spells. Their hit point is still better than Frost Towers and it is the most defensive tower against arrow damages.
    • Bomb Tower: Bomb tower makes massive damage your enemies. But there is possibility that they can fail on attacks. They are not defensive against blunt attacks but they tank arrow attacks with 50 percent resistance. Bomb Towers are the most effective ranger units on the game.
    • Frost Tower: Frost Towers doesn’t hit enemy units from the range much and they don’t also damage much to your enemies as same as Arrow Towers and Bomb Towers. However it freezes your enemies and slow down. That can be a good tactical unit for your defence.
  • Barricades are good defensive units that you can use on your road. Your enemies will need to pass them. Barricades has no offensive action at all. They just delay movement of your enemies. If you put them at strategic places, they can be very effective with strong towers.
  • Your enemy’s troops has passed all your towers, barricades  and roads. Now they are coming to crush to your castle. Don’t worry, it didn’t finish yet, your castle guards go out of your castle for make the last battle. We recommend you to upgrade to your Castle Guard tent for incoming battles. So you will able to send more waves for battle and you will able to add stronger units to squads. Besides with upgrading this building you will decrease the time between waves.

For the raiding (attacking to enemy castle) you should care of these things.

  • Wizard’s Tower: Wizards Tower will allow you to cast spells on raids. These spells are generally have areal effects and if you upgrade them, you can do massive damages to enemy units during to battle with a single click or tap. However you will able to upgrade the spells by level. For examle, you will learn the “Apocalypse” spell at the beginning of the game but you can upgrade it at level 8.
  • Troop Academy: There are many units that you can create on Troop Academy, however you will need to upgrade academy for that. You can have these units with upgrading troop academy:
    • Knight: It is the for unit type which you can have in your army. They are melee units and do the normal damage. Resistant against poison damage.
    • Archer: Ranger units which uses bow and arrows. Resistant to piercing damages. They do piercing damage to their enemies.
    • Paladin: Melee fighters. They move slower than knights. Very resistant against piercing and blunt damage. Weak against Ice and Poison damage. They do blunt damage to their enemies.
    • Ogre: Melee fighters with mediocre speed. Slower than knights. They have very high HP. They are a bit defensive against blunt damage and weak against piercing damage. They do good blunt damage their enemies.
    • Froster: Wizard units which can spell from the range. They can hit farther targets than archers. However their damage is a little bit low. They are fast as same as knights. They are resistant to ice and blunt damage. They are weak against fire damages. They do ice damage to their enemies.
    • Gargoyle: Flying range units of Royal Revolt 2 and the second fastest units of the game. Their range level is same with archers. They are resistant to fire and piercing damage. They are weak against ice damage. They do blunt damage to their enemies.
    • Cannon: The most effective units from the range. They are not very fast but they have better movement speed than archers, ogres and paladins. They do good damage in blunt type. They are resistant to blunt and poison damage. Very weak against normal and fire damage.
    • Pyromancer: Wizard units who are casting fire spells on their enemies from the range. They are very resistant to fire and poison damages. However they are very weak against Ice damages. Piercing damages also harm them much. They are slow units like archers.
    • Mummy: Mummies are units who can do the poison damage in melee battles. They are resistant to piercing and poison damage. They are weak against fire damages. They have good amount of HP as same as Ogres.
    • Arblaster: They are archer units and their range level is almost two times better than normal archers. However their piercing damage is much lower than them. They are very weak against poison damages.
    • Werewolf: Werewolves are the fastest units on the game. They do normal damage and they have the second highest HP. They are resistant to Fire and Piercing attacks. They are weak against Ice attacks.
    • Mortar: Mortars are the range units which does the posion damage from the range. They are very resistant to lightning and fire damage. They are very weak to fire damage.
    • Monk: They have the highest HP and they can heal units about 1700 HP. They do good amount of normal damage their opponents.
    • Necromancers: Melee fighters and summoners. They have the highest damage on the game. They raise skeletons and create another undead army for you. They are fully resistant to lightning damage. They are also very resistant to poison. They are very weak against piercing and ice.

Gameplay Video

You can watch the video below for learning gameplay of Royal Revolt 2.

You can enlarge Royal Revolt 2 screenshots below with clicking on them.


You can watch Royal Revolt 2 official trailer below.

Score: 77

Story: 85

Gameplay: 94

Support: 90

Item Variety: 93

Graphics: 88

Community: 72


  • The game is almost available on every platforms. It is free to play and free to download.
  • There are many online players like you on the game.
  • Royal Revolt 2 got many positive reviews from players on Windows Store, App Store and Google Play. There are also good reviews on Facebook Gameroom version.
  • Flare Games is providing good support for the game and care for customer support.
  • You will enjoy with the graphics while you are playing the game.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: Version 4.0 and up
iPad and iPhone: Version iOS 7.0
Windows OS: (FB Gameroom) Windows 7, Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, Intel Integrated Graphics, 4 GB
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : Windows Phone 8.1, 1 GB RAM