Scions of Fate Yulgang

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Scions of Fate Yulgang is a South Korean game that has been released in 2006.  The game genre’s are MMORPG, Anime and Fantasy. You can select 7 different classes on the game. These are Swordsman, Bladesman, Spearman, Bowman, Healer, Ninja and Busker.

Scions of Fate Yulgang Gameplay

You will start to play the game with selecting a class for yourself. The class list as we have mentioned above. You can select one of these classes. Then you are going to have some job changes on the game at certain levels which are also related to your class which you have picked at the beginning of the game. You will also need to customize your character and you will begin to the game. You can get more information about the gameplay with the video below…

Gameplay Video

Scions of Fate gameplay video:

Scions of Fate Yulgang Screenshots:


Official trailer of Scions of Fate Yulgang below:

Score: 68

Story: 66

Gameplay: 72

Support: 68

Item Variety: 70

Graphics: 70

Community: 62


  • Scions of Fate Yulgang is a free game and it is available to download in the official page of the website.
  • The game has still active users.


  • Scions of Fate Yulgang’s graphics are outdated.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: N/A
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz processor, 1 GB Storage, 256 MB RAM
macOS: N/A
Windows Mobile : N/A
Debian : N/A
Linux : N/A