Sudoku Blocks

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Sudoku Blocks brings you the best combination of Sudoku, Tetris and wood block puzzles in a single package. It’s a game created from the ground up with the idea of uniting some of the top puzzle game experiences, and it’s extremely engaging and empowering. It’s all about bringing in a great sense of fun and at the same time you also get to test your IQ and brainpower


Each time you play Sudoku Blocks you have a new wooden puzzle to complete. The great advantage is that it allows you to place wooden blocks on a Sudoku 9×9 grid and you always need to create lines in order to remove as many blocks as you can. If you end up not having space for more blocks, then the game is over.

This is a whole bunch of fun and it really adds to deliver a very empowering and truly interesting experience that you do not want to miss.

People love Sudoku Blocks because it’s really easy to play and it also offers new gameplay every time. Sure, you know the rules, but Sudoku Blocks constantly pushes the limits to bring you an empowering and downright exceptional experience all the time. It’s a tremendous opportunity for anyone that loves great puzzle games.

How To Play?

The way you play Sudoku Blocks is exciting, since all you have to do is to drag and drop shapes to create a square, column, even rows. If you fill up the entire block that’s 9 x 9, you will lose. So you really need to try and remove as many blocks as you can.

It’s a game where you really have to test yourself and your skills, and once you do that it will only get better and better. Add to that the great excitement and fun, and you will see why Sudoku Blocks is immensely fun. You can also play as many times as you can and there are always new boards to uncover and great challenges to check out.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure that you always add items that create a line, column or square
  • You don’t have a time limit, so try to avoid adding too many items at once
  • If a specific move did not work, you can always restart and try again


  • You can play as many times as you want, new boards are generated automatically
  • The visuals are very impressive thanks to the wooden theme
  • You combine Tetris with Sudoku and general puzzle games


  • Some puzzles are very hard to solve
  • Sometimes it might be hard to find a solution