The Mergest Kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom

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The Mergest Kingdom is a fun merging game that takes place in medieval times. You get to explore an incredible world filled with riches, and all you have to do is to connect and merge similar items to win. The game is designed to put your skills to the test, while implementing a very fun and creative gameplay loop that will get you hooked very quickly.


The gameplay in this game is very simple, since it all comes down to merging items and completing all kinds of quests. It’s all about completing level after level and dealing with a large variety of new challenges all the time. The game is all about offering you the opportunity to test out your knowledge and bring in all kinds of creative ideas and solutions into the mix.

Every new level you uncover will bring even more challenges and each one of them will provide you with unique places to explore. Of course, as you play things will only get tougher, but that’s the thing that makes The Mergest Kingdom fun. You always get to find new items to uncover and things to merge, which helps add to the excitement and experience as a whole.

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How To Play

The Mergest Kingdom comes with an incredibly detailed tutorials that explains what tasks you need to complete and how to do so. In addition, you always need to focus on creating and merging similar items in order to make the process more engaging and fun. As you acquire new keys, you can open new pieces of land and explore them at your own pace.

Help, Tips and Tricks:

  • You need to complete challenges and then exchange the items you merged for keys. These keys can be used to uncover new locations all the time.
  • There are different keys hidden in the game world, so you can easily explore new places and uncover a variety of impressive locations to explore.
  • The game world in The Mergest Kingdom is filled with secrets that you can find in random places spread all over the world map.


  • The Mergest Kingdom gives incredible medieval vibes, while also implementing creative farming elements
  • Visuals are incredible, the game looks stunning and the world is filled with great secrets.
  • You always have new quests and challenges to explore, which makes the experience even better


  • The game features different elements that require you to wait a bit until certain tasks are completed
  • Its story and gameplay get more complicated as you play

In short

The Mergest Kingdom is an incredible merging game with funny characters and a very addictive gameplay loop. It’s very fun, and despite the regular stopping mechanics of most modern browser games, it’s still super exciting to play. The fact that there are all kinds of secrets spread within the game world make things even better