Thunder Run: War of Clans

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Thunder Run: War of Clans is a strategy-war game that you can play on Facebook and Kongregate. The game is free to play and it has been released 23 June 2014.

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Thunder Run: War of Clans Gameplay

The game is looking like other strategy games. You will need to upgrade your bases to gather more resources. You also need battle against other players and battle in quests to get more items. The game will start with a tutorial which has been created with 10 steps by developers. These ten steps will help you to understand about how to play the game. You will learn how to upgrade your buildings in the game and how to make researches.

The main building is Tactical Ops Center for you and you will able to unlock many buildings with upgrading with this center. However you will need many amount of resources to upgrade this building. We recommend you to start to upgrade buildings with the quest tracker which will appear left side of your game screen under the “Missions” header. You will get multiple quests from there and we also recommend you to loot your resources from Supply Yard and Resources Yard Buildings often. You can don that with clicking one of these building and then select “Collect All”.

For winning battles against your opponents, you will need a strong troop and you can create such a troop with researching. You can do your researches in Academy. While you are doing all these upgrading and researching, you can join quest battles to loot more resources. You will get resources from every building you destroy in these battles. So don’t leave the battle area until you clean the map at all.

Your account will be in safe about 7 days if you don’t attack a player on the game. This is a good amount of time to create a defence for your base. 7 days later, get ready for PvP.

Please check the video below for the gameplay tips.

Gameplay Video


Score: 68

Story: 43

Gameplay: 77

Support: 75

Item Variety: 63

Graphics: 68

Community: 72


  • It is a good war-strategy game.
  • We like tactical units of the game which makes users to create strategy before the battle.
  • Building the base is quite fun.
  • If you like strategy games, you should give a try this.


  • Could be more units in the game.
  • Not available for operating systems. There is not also mobile version of the game.

Minimum Requirements (Browser): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor