Time World

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Time World is a Sci-Fi game that you can play on Facebook, Kongregate and Armor Games. The game is also available on Google Play, you can play it on your Android devices.

Time World Gameplay

There are 4 different races on the game and you will need to select one. Each races have female and male genders. After you select a gender and a game name, you will start to the with a guide. We recommend you to not to skip tutorial of the game. You will learn how to battle on Time World and how to create & upgrade your buildings. After you complete the tutorial, missions will also help you to improve yourself in the game. There are generally resources buildings in your base. If you upgrade these buildings, you will able to unlock more features of the game and you will receive more resources.

Credits, Ore, Energy are the main resources of the game. Gold coins are paid resources which you can buy with real bucks. However you will able to get free gold coins from the game with completing tasks and missions. Time World is providing unique game experience for users. Battles have a basic system on the game and you can not control your units during the battle. You will need to upgrade specs of your spaceship to get successful on the battles. You can watch the Time Wold gameplay video below.

Gameplay Video

We couldn’t detect any video for Time World’s gameplay. You can check screenshots below.


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Score: 53

Story: 43

Gameplay: 58

Support: 71

Item Variety: 58

Graphics: 45

Community: 72


  • Time World is a free to play. There are items that you can purchase in game.
  • The game has unique concept when we compare it with other Sci-Fi games.


  • The game has published 2011 and we believe that it needs updates for graphics.
  • Battle screen is very basic on the game. It could be fun.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
Android: Version 3.2 and up
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: N/A
macOS: N/A