Urban Rivals

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Urban Rivals is a Card MMO that you can play in your browser. There are many people who are playing this game from different countries. The game has been released in 2006. This is one of the most popular online card gaming platform on internet. You will able to fight against other players on the game in real-time. You can also challenge other players if you know their usernames. The game has a good concept when we compare it with other card games and trade is available between users.

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Urban Rivals Gameplay

You are going to have some random cards when you start the game and you will fight against other players for leveling up. All two players have 12 pills before the fight and you should use these pills wisely. Otherwise you can be eliminated by your opponent. Each cards have different bonus and damage stats. You should select your cards carefully. Urban Rivals is not only a card game. You should also make good strategies for beating your opponents in the game. You need to complete all playable stages to get higher ranks and levels in the game. Your cards will also get higher level with your wins. Pills are making stronger your cards. However you should be careful while you are using them. These are giving bonus damages to your cards and you will have 4 cards to fight. Bonuses like “Stop Opponents Bonus” will be quite handy for you. There are 1500 cards which you can collect in the game.

Gameplay Video

Urban Rivals Screenshots


Score: 80

Story: 60

Gameplay: 75

Support: 80

Item Variety: 85

Graphics: 55

Community: 72


  • When you compare Urban Rivals with other online card games, paying game doesn’t make too much power difference.
  • The game is also a good strategy game.
  • There are huge amount of online players from many different countries in the game.
  • There are communities like clans in the game.
  • There is a good support staff of Urban Rivals.
  • The game is one of the oldest browser based online games and still alive.


  • Graphics could be more attractive than the current one.

Minimum Requirements (Browser): Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor