War of the Races: Online

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War of the Races: Online is a nice fantasy strategy game that you will play with an online opponent instantly. You will meet your opponent on a chess-like board on the game and move your units against him/her. The game is available on Facebook Gameroom (Windows OS) and Android devices. It is free to download and play.

War of the Races: Online Gameplay

There are three races on the game: Dwarf, Barbarians and Ogres. You can pick one of these races at the beginning of the game. You can change the race on every game that you play. The game is a kind of chess game which you play with an online opponent on a board. You move your units on the board and make a strategy to beat your enemy. If you like fantasy strategy game which is looking like chess, you can give a try this game. You will enjoy while you are playing it.

You can watch the gameplay video below to understand better how to play on the game.

Gameplay Video


Score: 63

Story: 35

Gameplay: 82

Support: 72

Item Variety: 45

Graphics: 50

Community: 72


  • War of the Races: Online is free to play.
  • You don’t need a tutorial for playing the game. You can easily learn how to play it after a few matches.
  • Fun to play.

Minimum Requirements:
Browser: N/A
Android: Version 4.1 and up
iPad and iPhone: N/A
Windows OS: Windows 7, Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, Intel Integrated Graphics, 4 GB Storage
macOS: N/A