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Woodoku is a very interesting title that’s quite similar to Tetris, but in this case you have puzzle pieces made out of wood. That’s where the name of the game comes from in the first place. Puzzle games are very empowering and a lot of fun, and that’s why it makes a lot of sense to check them out for yourself and see how it goes.

With Woodoku you always have a vast range of interesting gaming ideas and you can push them to the next level. Thankfully, Woodoku is easy to get into and you will find it to be exceptionally rewarding and fun. Yes, it does take a bit of a trial and error, and in doing so you will be amazed with the results.

woodoku screenshot


Woodoku is designed from the ground up to be a casual game. The idea here is to place the blocks into the box and ensure that you eliminate them after completing an entire row just with those blocks. It’s a very similar concept to Tetris, but it does have its own spin and it’s definitely a lot of fun to peruse and try out something new. Which is what makes Woodoku such a great title, since it does allow you to test your skills, and you can take your time or rush through to reach the end of the level.

At the same time, Woodoku has a lot of creative elements that you can find, all of which add up to bring in front an exceptional and unique experience. On top of that, the game also tests your management skills, since you have all types of blocks you have to maneuver and fit in a small space.

How To Play?

The way you play is simple, blocks are falling from the top of the box and you need to try and fit them evenly and create lines that will automatically disappear. That’s how you generate points in this game, which can become very interesting and engaging. It’s a very fun idea and something you do not want to miss.

Help, Tips and Tricks

  • Woodoku requires you to pay attention where and how you maneuver every block, just so you can avoid any possible problems
  • Planning is important in Woodoku since you have to manage blocks and fit them in a small space
  • There are 3 main modes to choose from, and each will give you different challenges.


  • 3 game modes that you can play through
  • Beautiful wooden game world to play in
  • You can strategize in a variety of ways


  • The game can get very difficult fast