[Alpha Key] Exidium Corp's Space Exploration MMO

Game so secretive we can’t even tell you what it’s called, and no it’s not a joke. If you’re interested in helping shape the future of space exploration and colonization Exidium Corp is looking for 500 alpha testers, and we can get you in this mysteriously awesome MMO right now.
Exidium Corp Alpha Key Giveaway
Secret game project of Exidium Corp. is in closed alpha stage, and GetBetaKeys has 500 alpha invites to guarantee your access to their groundbreaking MMO experience. The game is still largely unannounced so we’re not even allowed to tell you its name or exact genre, but it’s a unique mix of exploration, shooting and strategy that may redefine how you look at PC MMOs.
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To learn a bit more about what to expect from this game and claim your alpha key keep on reading!

About Exidium Corp

Exidium Corporation is an industrial and research consortium focusing on space exploration and planetary excavation. Leader in its field, the corporation has become the reference for outer space expatriations, colonization, environment analysis and indigenous threat control. Exidium’s activities include notably:

  • Exploring distant space in search of colonizable planets, extractable resources, undiscovered lifeforms or stellar phenomena data gathering
  • Manufacturing and delivering high-end equipment required for the above tasks
  • Transporting pioneers to exoplanets and supplying colonies
  • Researching new technologies on various areas, such as defense, transport, communication, maintenance, energy etc…
  • Securing commercial routes.

In the past decade Exidium Corp concentrated their exploration activities within the Orion Nebula, a dense star cluster of the Milky Way galaxy. Recent findings in this region of space led to numerous expeditions and excavations. Ground operations currently involve most of our detachments in this sector as well as our latest remote controlled hovering designs. 2 years ago, their experts reported unprecedented life signatures in a small, distant, planetary system, letting them envision greater plans for future explorations. Ones for which they need you

If Exidium Corp’s recruitment message isn’t enough to convince you’re destined for space exploration, then check out their delicious concept art for a few hints on what to expect from their game!

Grab your Alpha access key

We have 500 keys to guarantee your instant access to this galaxy, so simply request your key via the form below and we’ll send it immediately.
Keep in mind: this game is still in alpha testing with an active NDA (non-disclosure agreement), essentially meaning you won’t be able to share gameplay vids or screenshots with anyone. When signing up on Exidiumcorp.com read their agreements carefully before you agree to them, and respect the developers! Thank you!

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Redemption instructions:

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  2. Check your inbox for your key and signup link

What do alpha keys give you:

The game is in closed-alpha phase, which means only invited players can access it. You will have access to the full game with a beginner gear. You’ll be able to play without time restrictions and help enrich the game with your feedback.
These alpha access keys expire in 3 months, so if you claim one be sure to use them while they’re still active.
Keep in mind this game is still in Alpha testing phase, meaning the developers are actively looking for player feedback. Let them know about any bugs you encounter, give your suggestions, and help shape the future of this exciting space exploration MMO.