Astro Lords Beta Key Giveaway

Astro Lords Beta Key Giveaway

Astro Lords is a free-to-play science-fiction MMORTS game featuring spectacular Unity 3D graphics in your browser.  You are the master of an asteroid providing you with energy and crystals to build factories, robots, and weapons.  Your generals board spaceships to shoot at and destroy enemy spaceships and bosses.  You clinch alliances and pilot your asteroid through space to raid other asteroids.  You shoot and loot and become stronger every day.

For an exclusive closed beta experience of Astro Lords and other great swag be sure to keep reading and sign up for a free beta key. We have 500 closed beta keys for Astro Lords to give out so be sure to snag yours fast!

About Astro Lords

Astro Lords is a science-fiction, free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game developed with Unity 3D. It combines three major game genres: construction management, arcade-style shooting, and warfare strategy.  Players manage and grow their asteroid base; their generals board spaceships to shoot at and destroy enemy spaceships and bosses; they raid other asteroids to loot or capture them.  Astro Lords is both a browser and a client game.  It offers mmo fans a deep and diverse gaming experience.

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Game Features:

Construction management

The players’ home bases are asteroids, on which crystals are mined, energy produced, factories built. All those resources will be used to produce ammunitions and spare parts for their space ships. This base is the player’s primary stronghold: other Lords can raid it, but they won’t be able to capture it. Players can also capture up to five additional asteroids, which will be used to extract minerals. But beware: the player will have to remain on the alert to keep other Lords from recapturing the asteroids.

Arcade-style shooting

Players can board space ships to shoot at and destroy enemy spaceships or alien bosses. Those battles take place in real-time, which allows players to actively take part in the game instead of just having to wait for the completion of their building projects. They can fight in these battles whenever they like – or they can entrust a battle to their general. Up to 6 ships can be sent, 5 allies can help defend and attack. A maximum of 12 ships can be simultaneously present in battle at any given point.

Warfare strategy

Players can send out spies to other asteroids, close strategic alliances, or attack enemy asteroids to loot or capture them. Once they’ve acquired the appropriate skills, players can control their asteroid’s movements which is useful for navigating into nebulae rich with minerals and other useful elements, searching for victims, trading expeditions, pursuing enemies, escaping from persistent robbers and invaders, carrying out clan raids, locating safe places within trade zones, being recruited by other players to escort their more vulnerable asteroids…

Grab Your Beta Key

To gain access to Astro Lords beta testing simply fill out the short form below with your details and the key will be sent to you instantly!

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Beta Key Redemption Process:

  1. Sign up for a beta key on our form above
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  3. Enter your beta key and enjoy the game!

Closed Beta Test starts on Tuesday the 10th of June at 10am PST (6PM GMT), and lats until June 17th, 10 AM PST (5 PM GMT).

BISBOG will be launching Astro Lords officially on Tuesday, 1st of July. Note that all beta accounts will be reset to zero, however any Deuterium you purchase during beta testing plus an additional 50 Deuterium will be added to your accounts. It’s a great chance to get a headstart in the game and grab a few very helpful bonuses along the way to help you stay ahead, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and request your beta key now.