Blade & Soul: New Free MMORPG

Just launched in North America and Europe, Blade & Soul already surpassed one million players. This new free-to-play title is likely the most exciting MMORPG we’ll see in 2016, so read ahead for a quick look into the game and to learn what you’re missing on.
Blade & Soul
Blade & Soul is fresh out of the MMORPG oven, and it has plenty of features that taste good. Cliche but interesting storyline (if you like that sort of stuff), well-balanced PvP with exciting Arenas, and by far the best action combat you’ll experience in any MMORPG.
Play Blade & Soul for free
You’ll find a short overview of the game’s main aspects below, right after a few of our favorite screenshots which should get you interested in this F2P game.

About Blade & Soul

Combat, graphics, and content overview.
Blade & Soul’s (B&S) intuitive action combat is in fact one of the most praised points about the game. It’s fun and engaging, combo points give you something to think about, and overall it’s everything you’d expect from a martial arts inspired MMO, and more. Combat system has a lot of depth to it, and once you delve deeper into the skill tree there’s a ton of possibilities.
If your system can handle it, cranking up the sliders all the way reveals some truly impressive graphics as well. Though the art style of the game doesn’t appeal to everyone, Blade & Soul is visually quite beautiful.
For the average dungeon-dwelling fan B&S offers a fun experience. Well designed dungeons where mistakes can cost you make for some challenging content, but still easily learned. The bidding system helps you overcome bad luck with rolls and ensures you get the items you need without endless farming (though not everyone would agree).
Equipment on the other hand has no effect in Arena combat, so if you’re interested in PvP you will love it. You can finally be on equal footing with everyone, where player skill has more impact than anything else. And if world PvP is your cup of tea, B&S can get your heart pumping more than any other game.
Social aspects in MMORPGs are often overlooked or even ignored, but Blade & Soul so far has a pleasant community, and socializing with others has been a great experience for most players so far.
You can get pretty far in the game without paying either, and you can access all content and not feel forced to go premium. Investing money can get you to places faster but it’s not a requirement nor a necessity, especially if you’re a casual player.
Don’t worry about the future of Blade & Soul either: even though it’s just been released, new content has already been teased and look pretty exciting. With tons of players logging in every day and enjoying B&S this game could easily keep you occupied for a long time.
B&S has been a successful game in the east for years, and it’s no surprise it reached over a million players in its first week in the west. There’s a lot of excited fans who have been waiting for the release, and plenty of casuals who are looking for great MMORPGs to play. This game is worth trying!
Play Blade & Soul for free
Best part about Blade & Soul is also the most obvious one: it’s free to play. There’s really nothing to hold you back and we honestly recommend giving it a go!