Chronicles of Eidola Gift Pack Giveaway

500 exclusive rewards worth $50 each await in our latest giveaway!
Chronicles of Eidola gift pack giveaway
Chronicles of Eidola is joining Amzgame’s already impressive list of free-to-play browser titles. It’s a completely new turn-based game with tactical fighting in challenging dungeons or against other players, and today you have the opportunity to try it and also claim fantastic in-game rewards.

About Chronicles of Eidola

Chronicles of Eidola is a completely new turn-based RPG game. In CoE you play as an avenger who can create contracts with heroes, devils, and servants to achieve your goals! You can face deadly bosses on your own, or team up with other players to risk everything on nearly impossible quests. You can even challenge other players and destroy their plans.


  • Gameplay – Tactical fighting is essential to surviving battles. Different types of Eidola allow players greater control over building and customizing teams.
  • Engine – Revolutionary new engine provides an entirely new experience with impressive CG, models and combat.
  • PvE – Battle evil monsters with your friends, or set off on thrilling adventures. The team leader has the power to manage the battle, and make sure each teammate is matched with the right rival.
  • PvP – Challenge yourself against other players in Arena or Faction Challenges, and fight for honor or resources.


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Chronicles of Eidola key redemptionCode redemption instructions:

  1. Fill out the giveaway form above and check your email inbox!
  2. Sign up for CoE and enter the game
  3. Click the icon in top-right corner as displayed in the image
  4. Input your gift pack code!

Note: each account can only claim one pack, and each gift pack code can only be used once!

Gift pack contents:

Our gift packs contain the following:

  • Goblin Satchel x10
  • Divine Stone x10
  • Blitz Order x10
  • Ruby x1

With an estimated total value of $50 you’ll definitely want to claim yours as soon as you can!
Chronicles of Eidola provides tons of harmless fun so check out the game today!