Clash of Ninja OBT Gift Pack Giveaway

Admit it, you always wanted your own ninja village.
Clash of Ninja OBT gift pack giveaway
Recruit your army of ninjas in Clash of Ninja… and feed and pay them with our gift packs! Clash of Ninja is currently in open beta and to help promote this fantastic strategy game we teamed up with i3fun to bring you exclusive in-game boosts.
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About Clash of Ninja

Ninjas from different villages joined the Land of Fire, Land of Wind and Land of Earth. Your task is to establish your ninja village and upgrade buildings to attract and recruit new ninjas.
Once you create ninja squads and use your resources and tech tree to upgrade them, you can play through numerous challenging campaigns to receive valuable rewards and continue your progress through the main quests.
Once you’re ready, you can also dispatch your ninja squads to occupy territories owned by NPCs or other players to further expand your reach in this newest strategy game.


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Redemption instructions:

  1. Create your Clash of Ninjas account here
  2. Request a gift pack code from GetBetaKeys by filling the form above
  3. Log into Clash of Ninjas, and click your character portrait
  4. Click the “Redeem Gift” button and input your code

Your items should appear in your in-game bag immediately!

Gift pack contents:

  • 100,000 Copper
  • 100,000 Grain
  • 2 Stamina Potions
  • 5 Lottery Tickets

Note: each account can only claim one gift pack, and each gift pack code can only be used once! Codes are valid until August 15th 2016 (UTC -5), and since we have 10,000 gift packs available be sure to tell your friends to join in.
Thanks for checking out this giveaway, and we hope you’ll have a blast playing Clash of Ninjas!