Conquer Online 10th Anniversary Giveaway

Conquer Online 10th Anniversary Giveaway

Conquer Online will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this month and to celebrate the occasion, Conquer Online will be hosting a series of events and here is one of them! GetBetaKeys is now teaming up with Conquer Online to give away glorious packs to make your journey easier. The gift codes are limited so don’t miss out the chance!

We’re giving away 500 Gift Pack codes which include:

  • Glorious EXP Pack: You can open this pack 7 times in 7 days to get 7 Exp Balls, 7 Double Exp Potions and a Small Praying Stone.
  • Glorious Gear Pack: You can open this pack to get a whole set of Level 70 super +1 gear (1 socket for weapon).
  • Glorious Support Pack: You can open this pack 7 times in 7 days to get a Meteor Scrolls and a +2 Stone each time.

The codes can only be redeemed by new players who register during this event, which lasts from May 15 till May 31, 2013. Also remember that only one gift code can be used per account!

About Conquer Online

Conquer Online is a free PVP MMORPG which features Free to Play, Skill to Win. In Conquer Online, you can choose from 8 unique classes and become a martial arts master. While exploring the ancient oriental fantasy world, you also can make friends with other players all over the world, organize a guild, and even get married. Complete quests, challenge fierce monsters, enhance gear and finally you’ll become the conqueror of the world of fighters. Since launched, Conquer Online has attracted over 10 million players worldwide, Join them and prove yourself on the world-class stage now!

Grab your Gift Pack giveaway code

In order to get your gift pack all you have to do is punch in your name and email address in the form below. Your gift code will be available immediately in your email inbox, so take advantage of this one time offer now.

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Giveaway has expired, codes are no longer available!

Note: as outlined in our privacy policy we will never share your email address with anyone else or send you any spam. We only require your email to make sure the codes don’t get abused.

How to redeem your gift code

  1. Sign up for free on CO Event Page (
  2. Download the game and login to create a new character.
  3. Come back to the Event Page ( Submit your character info and your gift code to claim your gift packs!
  4. Login to the game and grab the gift packs from the Prize Officer (Market 185, 170). You can easily open up the “Path Finding” menu, choose “Others” and then click on the “Prize Officer”, the auto path system will lead you there automatically.

Don’t wait and claim your key immediately before we run out. Grab your friends and learn why Conquer Online is one of the best online games in the last decade!