Dizzel Golden Gun Giveaway

Dizzel Golden Gun Giveaway

Dizzel has entered its first beta test and OGPlanet wants to make sure that players are unleashing their inner carnage and bloodlust in style. To kick off the beta test, OGPlanet is giving away a Golden SG552 Assault Rifle that would make even James Bond jealous. So jump into this heart pumping, non-stop action thrill ride and equip some killer bling.

About Dizzel

Dizzel Game LogoDizzel is an eagerly anticipated new action shooter from Neowiz and NS Studio. Featuring fatality-style executions & multiple unique game modes full of hardcore shooter action, Dizzel is taking the online, free-to-play, shooter space by storm.

One of Dizzel’s biggest draws is its visceral, hardcore action, featuring ‘Executions’ that give players the ability to perform a variety of unique fatalities on nearly dead foes, depending on the character and weapon they happen to be using. These Mortal Kombat-esque finishing moves can be unleashed in a variety of inventive game modes, which feature the ability to play as killer mechs or powered-up boss characters, or even engage in four-team firefights. From unloading your assault rifle in the face of your enemy to hacking them to bits with a giant axe, Dizzel’s bloodlust knows no bounds.

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Game Features:

  • Fatalities: Simply shooting your enemies to death is for newbs. Pull off brutal & stylish executions to finish off your enemies before their teammates can revive them.
  • Take Cover: Pop in and out from cover with guns blazing like you are in an old-school John Woo movie, or unleash a barrage of bullets at your enemies from the safety of being behind cover. Aiming is overrated anyway.
  • Killer Sentinels: Each team takes turns as the killer sentinel war machines, while the opposing team tries to survive by any means necessary.
  • Predator Mode: A player is randomly selected between rounds to be the ‘BOSS’, with tremendous speed, massive stat boosts, and a giant sword!
  • Team Death Match, Demolition and More!
  • Weapons & Items Galore: With lots of guns, melee weapons, and grenades to choose from, it’s easy to personalize your killing style. Character, outfit, and equipment choices let you push the customization to the next level.

Get your Golden Gun

Golden SG552 Assault Rifle– Manufactured by SIG, the 552 is regarded as the most accurate assault rifle amongst all mass produced models. Its renowned performance capabilities are recognized by many special operation forces around the globe.

We have 1000 SG552 Assault Rifles to give away, and all you have to do is fill in your details below. The giveaway is completely free so be sure to sign up quickly.

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Your email address is only used to prevent multiple requests from the same person. We will never send you any spam or share your details with anyone!

Your key will be sent to your email so be sure to provide a valid address. It will be sent immediately, so be sure to check your spam folders in case you don’t see it.

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Sign up for your free OGPlanet account
  2. Download the Dizzel installer
  3. Log into your game and create a character
  4. Punch in your details in the form above and download your code
  5. Go to Dizzel’s Redemption Page and enter your code

Your shiny new gun can be found in the in-game “Storage” where it can be added to your inventory. Make sure you create a character in Dizzle before you attempt to claim your gun. Only one Golden Gun can be redeemed per OGPlanet account, and all 1000 codes will expire on September 20th, 2014 so be sure to redeem them before that date.

You will have a blast playing Dizzel so be sure to sign up now and go dominate some noobs with our very special rifle!