Dream of Mirror Online – Steam Sheep DLC Giveaway

DOMO Steam Sheep Giveaway
Dream of Mirror Online is the re-launch of a much beloved mmo the likes of which have never been seen since its departure. The amount of excitement surround this re-launch can be seen in its unique Kick Starter campaign which reached its goal in less than 24 hours and has accrued more than 3000% of its requirement to launch.
With such a large and passionate fan base the game has already been successful on Steam Greenlight even before launch. There has been a lot of excitement for the journey of Dream of Mirror Online to restart and continue stronger than ever in the future.
DoMO has seen quite a lot of success since it’s beta phase, and to celebrate its exciting Steam Launch Suba Games is giving away limited codes for a vanity Sheep pet.

About Dream of Mirror Online

It is a time of myth and legend, where great heroes rise up to fight side by side, united against the instruments of darkness. Take a journey into a fantasy linked by fate to another, a mirrored world that reflects the chaos that has erupted within mankind. Establish relationships and find new friends, take up a job, or soar through the majestic skies on a variety of mounts as you rediscover a social MMORPG beloved by many around the world!

Game Features:

  • Four unique races all with access to the 14 different classes
  • Sub system for combat allowing a mix and match of the 14 different classes and their individual skill systems
  • A flight system to traverse the world quickly with a scenic view
  • Marriage system for you and your special someone to share a bond and aid one another
  • Pet system which enables you to care for and raise a small pet to a powerful ally
  • Character customization is vast with all the costume options available
  • A vast crafting system which uses materials gathered from many disciplines to form useful items

Claim your Sheep pet key

To get your very own Sheep pet in DOMO simply fill out the form below with your details, and a redemption code will be sent to you instantly!

All keys are gone! Sorry!

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We have 3,000 sheep codes to give away, but judging by the popularity of our previous DOMO giveaway they might disappear quickly so claim yours fast.

Redemption instructions:

  1. Like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any giveaways!
  2. Fill in the form above, then check your email for the key.
  3. Open your Steam client, go to Library, click the button on bottom left “+ ADD A GAME”, then “Activate a product on Steam”. Punch in the code you got from us.

That’s it. Your cute and cuddly miniature sheep with a steam logo on its wool will be ready to follow you.
Note: Dream of Mirror Online will be available on Steam on August 14, 2015, but we’re giving you this opportunity to claim your pet in advance!
Make sure you sign up and try Dream of Mirror Online. It’s a free to play game which promises hundreds of hours of fun if you give it a chance, so go ahead and claim your pet and play now!