Empire: Revenant Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway

Fresh out of closed beta, Empire: Revenant is looking for additional testers and feedback, and is giving away awesome gift packs to help get you started!
Empire: Revenant Beta Gift Pack Giveaway
Empire: Revenant is a free to play strategy browser game using a turn-based system, giving you the opportunity to create and lead your army headed by a famous historical leader of your choice.
The game boasts epic PvP and PvE battles, faction warfare, guild vs. guild challenges, giving you a chance to prove your skill against other players in a historical and mythological world.
To celebrate Empire: Revenant’s open beta we partnered with Amzgame for some fantastic in-game rewards, so be sure to check out the game and grab your gift pack while supplies last!

About Empire: Revenant

Empire: Revenant is a free-to-play strategy browser game using a turn based system that utilizes figures from ancient history and mythology to engage in epic PvE & PvP battles, including faction vs. faction warfare, and guild vs. guild challenges. Create your army by choosing from more than 60 different historical world leaders and an ever growing collection of weapons, armor, mounts, guardians, and unique skills.
Take your place as a great leader by completing quests and accepting character defining challenges. Prove yourself in the Challenge Tower (up to 25 battles) and Final Stand (100+ battles!), Pitched Battle, Frontier Defence, Monster Tower and more!
Your legacy will not be decided by simply winning or losing… but by the magnitude of your triumphs and the gravity of your defeats!

Key Features:

  • Unlimited historical Heroes: You can command any famous historical hero to build your legendary story.
  • Series Battles: Join the epic fight with your armies, and take the Throne.
  • Fight Smart: Fighting is not only measured by your B.R., but also by the smart choice of Hero and Guardian Array.
  • Separation of the Three Empires: The empire you select is the responsibility you promise. Defend or invade? All in your hands!
  • Empire Adventure: Different heroes have different stories. Help them to complete their unfinished dreams, and you will find a new field in this world.
  • Conquer foes alone or with friends: A lot of splendid PVP events are waiting for you! Enjoy the full experience with friends, or alone against others.

If you’re curious about the game simply click the link below to sign up and play for free!
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Redemption instructions:

Empire: Revenant gift pack code redemption

  1. Click the icon in upper right corner of the game screen as marked on the image above
  2. Input the code you received from us and click “Claim”

Gift pack contents:

  • Rare Chest x 5
  • Rare Key x 5
  • Clay Jar x 10
  • Silver x 188888
  • Lamp x 2

Note: each account can only claim 1 gift pack, and each gift pack code can only be used once! Codes are valid until June 3rd 2017, but we only have 500 gift packs available so be sure to claim yours quickly.

Thanks for checking out this giveaway, and we hope you’ll have a blast playing Empire: Revenant.
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