Facebook Special: 50x Steam Games Giveaway

5 years and 5,000 Facebook fans deserves a bit of celebration, don’t you think?
50x Steam Game Giveaway on GetBetaKeys
That’s right, GetBetaKeys is five years old! We had dozens of beta key and gift pack giveaways with tens of thousands of codes sent throughout the years, and helped our community discover a ton of new and exciting games and keep up with their development.
Thanks for sticking with us and helping support our cause! Our latest achievement makes for a great excuse to once again do a larger giveaway, and we figured anything less than 50 wouldn’t be right, so take a few moments to learn how you can win one of our 50 Steam game keys!

Giveaway over! Winners announcement time!

Facebook fans:

  1. Alex Saladin – Ryse: Son of Rome
  2. Mike Michael Majewski – ARK: Survival Evolved
  3. Ahmed Hamed – XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  4. Victor Nedilko – Blackguards
  5. Giovani Vazquez – Blackguards 2
  6. Александр Стрельников – Shadow Warrior
  7. Martin van Goor – Hero Siege
  8. Takumi Nishida – Gunpoint
  9. Steffen Eikesdal – Spellforce Complete
  10. Kyle Chi Nito – The Witcher 2
  11. Jarvis Tomo – Red Orchestra 2
  12. Jann Carlo Catabay Perez – Garry’s Mod
  13. Edize Eulalia – Dishonored
  14. Willena Machel – Rage
  15. Nguyễn Lê Nhật Minh – Orcs Must Die
  16. Joshua Sans – Euro Truck Simulator 2
  17. Marius Ionut Mitrofan – Worms Armageddon
  18. Rashaun Campbell – Forced: Slightly Better Edition
  19. Kenneth Petersson – Darksiders
  20. Larissa MJ – Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  21. Michael Úlfur Reykjavíkur Durst – Overlord
  22. Aleksandr Eremin – Overlord
  23. Tom Lyle – Overlord
  24. HongJun Lin – Overlord
  25. Ryan Collins – Overlord
  26. Luis Paris – Overlord 2
  27. Rozemberg Taracena Castañeda – Overlord 2
  28. Marco Picchi – Overlord 2
  29. Søren Meyer – Overlord 2
  30. Krzysztof Sekulski – Overlord 2
  31. Chris Warren Gonzales – Jazzpunk
  32. Bruno Logerfo – Jazzpunk
  33. Łukasz Krupka – Jazzpunk
  34. Merryck Reynolds-Ibell – Jazzpunk
  35. Jacek Duda – Jazzpunk
  36. Rafael Golembiouski – Tropico 5
  37. Влад Антонец – Tropico 5
  38. Jafet Armadans Sedano – Tropico 5
  39. Lisa Hackett – Tropico 5
  40. Leftwich Eric – Tropico 5

50x Steam Giveaway Winners (2016-06)
50x Steam Giveaway Winners

Ten email subscribers selected at random who also won games are:

  1. killerzereb*[email protected] – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  2. bee.bee4*[email protected] – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  3. tannerh*[email protected] – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  4. lm.du*[email protected] – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  5. eureeka_t*[email protected] – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  6. benjamin.zeitl*[email protected] – Victor Vran
  7. debangshubane*[email protected] – Victor Vran
  8. dragon19*[email protected] – Victor Vran
  9. Danek.t*[email protected] – Victor Vran
  10. martin*[email protected] – Victor Vran

Grats to our winners, please check your emails or Facebook messages. Facebook winners, make sure you check your “Other” folder, or just send a message directly to our page to claim your prize!
Games not claimed in 7 days (before June 27th, 2016) will go poof according to our standard giveaway rules!

About the games

Though the winners will be drawn randomly (more on that further down), you can look forward to possibly winning one of the following games:

Majority of the titles include games with great reviews so we hope our winners will enjoy them! Most of the games are suggested by our Facebook fans anyway so we’re confident they’re worth playing. Our selection includes popular and well-liked games as well as some interesting indie titles, so there should be something for everyone’s taste.
Steam Games Giveaway on GetBetaKeys
Total retail value of all the games in this giveaway is $881, which would normally be way above our budget if not for the awesomeness of gigantic discounts we (and you) can get by purchasing on G2A. If you ever want to buy games with biggest discounts we definitely recommend you check it out!
Buy Games on G2A

How to participate

Since we don’t want anyone to get left behind, 10 of our newsletter subscribers will receive either Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or Victor Vran (winners and games they receive will be drawn randomly).
Other 40 games on the list will go out to random fans of our Facebook page, so if you haven’t be sure to follow us before the deadline!

  • If you’re already subscribed (or reading this in your inbox) then you’re already qualified to win!
  • Subscribing to our newsletter will enter you into our pool for this and all future subscriber game giveaways automatically! You will also receive notifications about our newly published giveaways and news in the future, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • We will never send any spam or share your details with anyone else. You can read our full privacy policy here.
  • After submitting your email please check your inbox and confirm the subscription. Only confirmed and current subscribers are eligible to participate in giveaways.

Are you special?

Several of our biggest fans who have recently been discussing, liking and sharing our Facebook status updates already received our message containing two free Steam game keys. You’re special to us, so this is our thanks. Here’s a shout out:
Elisha Alexey Ponomarenko, Parag Sama, Nicholas Scala, Arnold Jules David Lunjas, Aj Z. Beraña, Paul Berth Tabas Blanca.
If we missed you, we’re sorry (or you already won something in the last few months)! We’re rewarding our most active Facebook fans every once in awhile, so if you often like and share our stuff we’ll notice you sooner or later!
Our 5,000th Facebook fan Nick Sanders already received a few games, so he’s settled.


All winners will be drawn and announced on June 15th 20th, so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and/or follow our Facebook page before that date for a chance to win!
All active fans and subscribers on that date will be eligible to win, so whether you’re a veteran or a new member of our community you have an equal shot at loot.

What can I win?

If you’re one of the lucky winners you’ll get one full copy of a random game from our list above, redeemable on Steam. You will need a free Steam account to claim the game, and the key will be sent to your email address (for newsletter subscribers) or directly through Facebook (for FB followers).
Watch out for winner announcements on our social media, and dig into your inboxes (especially “Other” folder on Facebook!).
For this giveaway we’ll have 50 winners, and each winner will only get one game key. We will not be replacing or reissuing another game key to winners, but we sincerely hope you’ll give a fair chance and enjoy whatever game you get.


Your continued support helped us reach a new milestone, and we hope you’ll enjoy this and all our future giveaways!