Felspire "Rise of the Saint" Expansion Gift Pack Giveaway (37Games)

Fast-paced browser action RPG Felspire launched its Rise of the Saint expansion today, and to celebrate this momentous occasion we have special gift packs courtesy of 37Games.
Felspire Rise of the Saint gift pack giveaway
New high level pets and relics, adjustments to GvG battle and Wing Fusing, along with a brand new Saint class are just some of the improvements made in Felspire’s newest update.
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To learn more about this ARPG and grab your gift keep on reading!

About Felspire

Felspire is a western medieval fantasy themed role-playing browser game. The game provides a wide variety of settings ranging from bustling cities, frozen plateaus, and mysterious forests to chilling tombs. Your characters will face trials by countless fierce battles in these scenarios. The core game play derived from classic ARPGs, slaying monsters to get rare gear is an essential part of the game.

About the new “Saint” class

Players who have a Level 120+ character and an Awaken Saint Card will be able to unlock this new class. The Saint is different from the other classes in many ways. Starting from Lv. 70, the Saint can get 7 stat points with every level up, and therefore level up faster. He also possesses a powerful ally, Skyhawk, who deals huge damage and fights the Saint’s enemies. The Saint in addition has the unique ability to fight enemies while riding on his mount.
Felspire Saint Class
The Saint has various magic skills including massive damage dealing attacks such as Earth Rift, and Blast Wave, as well as supporting skills such as Mount Guard and Skyhawk Boosting. The Saint can also be advanced into higher level classes such as Prophet and Soothsayer to further unlock his mighty powers.

Claim your Felspire gift pack:

Total of $10,000 worth of in-game items is nothing to laugh at and new players or old will surely find these gift packs valuable and helpful, so don’t dwell on it and claim yours quickly. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll send your gift pack code immediately!
IMPORTANT NOTE: This gift pack code will only work on 37Games (37.com). If you’re playing Felspire on Amzgame the code will not work (instead, use the ones from this giveaway).

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Redemption instructions:

  1. Log in to Felspire on 37Games and create a character
  2. Click on the “Hall of Rewards” icon in the upper right corner, and open the Gift Code tab
  3. Paste in your code and get your free gift!

Felspire code redemption

Gift pack contents:

Each of our gift packs is valued at $10 of in-game goodies, and includes the following:

  • 2.5X EXP Potion (Bound) x1
  • Reviving Stone (Bound) x5
  • D.A.UNL Pass (Bound) x3

Please note that each account can only claim items from this gift pack once! Codes do not have an expiration date, but our supplies may not last forever so be sure to claim yours while they are available.
Additionally, the codes will only work on 37Games. In case you’re playing Felspire on Amzgame, please see our other giveaway!
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Try the new Saint class and see all the other cool features introduced with Felspire’s Rise of the Saint expansion. If you’re looking for a great action RPG be sure to give Felspire a shot.