G2A Coupons: $1 Discount on Everything!

Get games with up to 90% discounts, and grab our coupon for another $1 off any title!
Free G2A Coupons
G2A is a digital games marketplace with thousands of games up for sale. Whether you’re buying games directly from G2A or other sellers on their marketplace, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.
Games on G2A have huge discounts up to even 90%, and their special deals can easily beat the prices you’ll find anywhere else. Where other websites are selling games for full prices, G2A is always a few bucks cheaper even without special discounts.
Additionally you can often find daily or weekly sales going on which are always worth checking out. One of their most amazing deals is for random Steam games: the price is below $3.00 for TEN (yes, 10!) random games on Steam. Even though you won’t know which games you’ll get until you redeem the codes, it’s guaranteed each one is worth more than the total price of this pack.
Random Steam Games on G2A
We’re happy to be able to recommend G2A to our community, and we’re absolutely sure you won’t be disappointed with their deals. You can read below for a bit more about G2A’s fantastic deals for gamers, and learn how you can snag one of our coupons that will shave another $1 off of any game purchase!
If you want to check out G2A, make sure you claim one of our coupons to make your first purchase even cheaper!

Claim your free G2A coupon:

These promo codes are valued at $1 each and can be used when buying any game on G2A. For most games that easily shaves another 5-10% off the final price.
These coupons are reserved only for new G2A users who sign up through the link below and complete their first game purchase, so you’ll have to click the link below and sign up first:
Sign up for G2A
Only new accounts created through our tracking link above will be eligible to receive our discount codes! Additionally any other discount codes or signup coupons used for account creation or first purchases will prevent us from tracking your signup!

How to get your coupon code:

  1. Click the link above, then click the “Login” button on the website, and “Create G2A ID“.
  2. Making an account only takes a few seconds, and once you’re settled just purchase any game you want (you can even go for the amazing random Steam game deals!).
  3. Once you’re signed up via the link above and ordered your first game, use the form below to request a voucher code from us:
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for our verification process to complete.
  • Unless you create your G2A account through the link on this page and complete your first order, we won’t be able to confirm your signup!
  • Additionally if you use other coupons or discount codes for your first purchase we will also be unable to confirm your order!

Privacy concerns: any information submitted through this form will only be used for the verification process.
Once we have verified your signup we’ll send you a coupon code immediately, which you can apply during checkout for any game or deal on G2A’s marketplace (simply punch it in the “Discount Code” field before payment).
Yes, these coupons work even for random Steam game deals! This means you can get 10 games on Steam for less than $0.20 each, which is an amazing deal you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Do I have to purchase any specific game?
No, for us to confirm your signup you simply need to purchase any game from G2A website, no matter the price. You can spend just $1 or less, and we’ll give you back $1 via our discount coupon!
Can I use the coupon before my first purchase?
Sadly no. We tried it previously and ended up with a large number of invalid requests and unused coupons, which is why we now require at least one purchase before we send coupons.
Furthermore if you use other coupons or discount codes during your signup or first purchase we will not be able to verify your signup.
What if I already have a G2A account?
Our coupons are only valid for new G2A users who sign up directly through our link. We will not be able to confirm signups unless they’re new accounts, and created through our tracking link.
How long will it take to receive my coupon?
Typically under 24 hours. In case we don’t reply within that time frame feel free to get in touch with our support staff and we’ll look into it!
Can I request more than one coupon code?
We’re only giving away one $1 coupon per user, but we may have more promotional offers in the future.
How does the coupon work?
Once we send you the coupon code, you can use it during the checkout process on G2A to reduce your final purchase price by a fixed amount of $1. Coupons we send will expire in 7 days, and can only be used once.