Game Giveaway: 50 Mystery Steam Games

Steam Mystery Games Giveaway
It’s not a typo: this giveaway includes 50 game titles which will go out to our newsletter subscribers. You folks have been supporting us greatly and asked for more Steam game giveaways, and it’s time we did one with a few more winners than usual.
There’s no free-to-play shenanigans, demos, or DLCs. All 50 titles are full games on Steam that cost money. Exactly what you’ll be getting is a mystery, but that’s part of the charm.

About the games

If you win, you’ll know which game you got only after you redeem the code on Steam. All games have at least 50% positive reviews on Steam, so chances are you’ll enjoy it.
Keys for these games are redeemable only on Steam, but in case you didn’t know creating a Steam account is completely free.

How to participate:

This giveaway is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers. Keeping an active subscription to our newsletter automatically qualifies you to win. If you still haven’t, simply subscribe to our newsletter via the form below and you’ll be entered into this raffle.

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How are winners chosen:

Winners will be chosen by generating a random number at and comparing it to email IDs in the subscriber database. For transparency we will announce the first part of the winner’s email in this post and our social profiles.
The winners will be announced on November 15th, 2015, and you have until then to subscribe and be eligible to win.

What do I win?

If you’re one of the lucky winners you’ll get one full copy of a random game redeemable on Steam. You will need a free Steam account to claim the game, and the key will be sent to your email address.
For this giveaway we’ll have 50 winners, and each one will only get one game key. We will not be replacing or reissuing another game key to winners, but we hope you’ll enjoy whatever game you get.

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