Games in Beta Testing: August 2015

Beta Testing

This is a list of games currently in various testing phases, compiled by MassivelyOP. Be sure to read the original post for more information and news on MMO games.

We figured you may be interested to know which games we might be able to get beta keys for, so feel free to look over the list and let us know in the comments way below.

  • Albion Online: Summer alpha over, closed beta en route
  • Ascent: The Space Game: Steam early access
  • Auto Club Revolution: Closed beta
  • Beasts of Prey: Early access alpha
  • Black Desert: Korean and Japanese open beta
  • Camelot Unchained: Backer alpha
  • Das Tal: Alpha expected in 2015
  • DayZ: Early access
  • Divergence Online: Alpha
  • Dungeon Fighter Online: Open testing
  • Earthrise: First Impact: Alpha but still alive
  • Eleven: Closed alpha
  • Eternal Crusade: Early access begins fall 2015
  • EVE: Valkyrie: Pre-alpha registration for EVE and DUST players
  • Ever, Jane: In testing; 2016 anticipated release
  • Gloria Victis: Donor pre-alpha
  • H1Z1: Paid early access
  • HEX: Unofficial open beta
  • Kingdom Online: Closed beta
  • Landmark: Paid closed beta, cash shop active
  • Life is Feudal: Early access beta
  • Line of Defense: Early access
  • MyDream: Closed testing open to donors
  • Nosgoth: Open beta
  • Oort Online: Donor alpha
  • Origins of Malu: Combat module in early access
  • Otherland: Second closed beta, early access starts 8/26
  • Pathfinder Online: Subscription “early enrollment”
  • Project Genom: Closed alpha
  • Project Gorgon: Free, open testing
  • Shadowrun Chronicles: Steam early access; launching in April
  • Shards Online: Pre-alpha
  • Shroud of the Avatar: Steam early access, backer testing
  • SkySaga: Ongoing NA and UK alpha events
  • Star Citizen: Backer pre-alpha
  • Starriser: Taking beta signups
  • Stash: Backer alpha
  • The Repopulation: Early access/backer alpha, launching Q4 2015
  • Tree of Life: Paid early access
  • Tree of Savior: English beta testing events
  • Tribal Wars 2: Open testing
  • TUG: Steam early access alpha
  • Valiance Online: Pre-alpha testing
  • Venus Rising: Closed beta (adult/NSFW)
  • World of Warships: Open beta

Can we get keys?

  • Paid early access: we can probably include it in one of our game giveaways so let us know if you’re interested (especially if it’s on Steam).
  • Open beta: we can get keys if there’s enough interest.
  • Closed beta: we may be able to get a few keys.
  • Alpha: probably can’t get keys, but we can try.

If there’s any game you’d like access to, let us know and if there’s enough players in our community who are interested we’ll do our best to get you beta access, or even do a giveaway with a full game. Just make sure to subscribe and follow us to get notified!

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