Godsrule Open Beta Keys Giveaway

Godsrule open beta key giveaway

Godsrule: War of Mortals is an exciting new online browser game currently in open beta phase. It mixes social gameplay with established real-time strategy elements, making you in charge of leading armies and managing your empire. We’ve partnered up with Sega and Gogogic for this open beta giveaway promotion, so if you want to be one of the early birds to play this new game and get $20 worth of in-game currency in the process be sure to sign up.

About Godsrule

Set in a lush fantasy world, Godsrule mixes social gameplay with established RTS elements to create a unique cross-platform experience.

In Godsrule, players are in charge of leading their fierce armies into battle, as well as managing their empire. To prevail over competitors, players must dominate contested territories, collect scarce resources, expand their land, and slay their enemies with powerful units and magnificent spells. After choosing between two rival factions, players create their own clans and battle for contested territories, each holding valuable rewards and the true taste of sweet victory.

Godsrule allows players to experience the same persistent world via browser and the iPad. This allows them to team up with their friends in battle, train units and manage their empire from anywhere at any time.

You can find out more about it on the official website or Facebook page.

Game Features

  • Choose Your Destiny: Select a faction, build and shape a dynamic & persistent world, train armies, and craft spells to ensure victory!
  • Conquer Foes in Real Time: Team-based PvP combat takes place in real time, while you upgrade and customize your army, and community features allow for clan battles and resource trading.
  • Play Anytime, Anywhere: True cross-platform gameplay allows you to play on your PC browser or on-the-go on your iPad. PC and iPad players can play together, making it easier to get right into the game.


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Open Beta Giveaway Details

By registering for Godsrule open beta and redeeming our open beta key you’ll receive over $20 in Orbs (premium in-game currency). With Orbs you can speed up building, research, and training times, and also upgrade spells, acquire premium battle units, purchase tokens for the daily lottery, and more.

We have 1000 Godsrule keys for you to redeem so be sure to act quickly to make sure you get yours. Simply sign up below and you’ll receive your key within seconds.

Punch in your details below to get your key:

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  1. Create a game account on http://playgodsrule.com/redeem/
  2. Once the account is created you will be asked to provide your key code you got from us
  3. Enjoy the game!

Make sure you try out this highly anticipated new game, as I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. The beta key will give you a significant head start over other players so be sure to redeem it as soon as you can. And remember to have fun!