Guardians of Divinity Gift Pack Giveaway

Guardians of Divinity Gft Pack Giveaway
After several hit game releases last year, 37 Games keeps bringing new novel games. The latest one is Guardians of Divinity, an free MMOARPG involving a massive war that spans Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian mythologies and goes beyond the mortal realm to the stars and beyond.
Guardians of Divinity is fresh out of closed beta and officially launched today, and to get you a head start we have 1,000 gift packs with in-game boosts. If you’re interested in playing this F2P action RPG then keep on reading to learn more about it and claim your gift pack now.

About Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new MMO published by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. You play as a god that has been cast from the heavens. Join the first MMO to take gods from around the world and battle with them not only on earth but also in the stars. Use a custom built spaceship to battle your enemies in space and beyond. As the chosen one you’ll have the ability to morph into different gods, such as Ares, Thor, or even the Monkey King in your quest to return to your former position among the gods.

Game Features:

  • Morph into Gods: The morph system allows players to steal the powers of the gods they have defeated and transform into those same legendary deities and receive various heavenly powers.
  • Space Vessels: Space Vessels that can morph into different forms to aid the players fight against the gods and their dark underlings in different dungeons.
  • 12 Zodiac Goddesses: Players may summon beautiful goddess with various skills to fight alongside with on the battlefield.
  • Cross-Server Matches: Massive battles may be fought on different servers for claiming the abundant resources of Sky Cities and the ability to dominate a server with a player’s faction.
  • Goddess Defense: A dungeon where players defend goddesses and reap massive rewards against endless waves of enemies.

Claim your Gift Pack

To claim your free Guardians of Divinity ingame boost simply fill out the form below and we’ll send your gift pack code immediately:

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Redemption instructions:

  1. Log into Guardians of Divinity on the official website
  2. Create a character and reach level 31 (it’s really fast!)
  3. Click the “Hall of Rewards” icon in the upper right corner, and open the “Gift Code” tab
  4. Punch in your code

Your items will be delivered immediately and the only thing left is to enjoy the game!
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Gift pack contents:

  • 2x EXP Potion x1
  • Pickaxe x3
  • Gold x500k

Guardians of Divinity offers a unique mix of legendary deities and space vessels. Immerse yourself in this free action MMORPG now, battle your enemies, and claim your rightful position among gods.