Heavy Metal Machines Closed Beta Key Giveaway

You asked for it, you got it.
Heavy Metal Machines Beta Key Giveaway
Our last Heavy Metal Machines giveaway in September was pretty popular and we didn’t bring enough keys to the party, but this time we’re armed with 6,000 closed beta keys guaranteeing access to this fast paced upcoming Steam madness.
The apocalypse is over, only Heavy Metal Machines remain. With merciless explosions, weapons beyond imagination, and an endless set of customizations, Heavy Metal Machines is a unique free multi-player car battle death match.

About Heavy Metal Machines

The fast-paced, action-packed car battle you were waiting for. Welcome to a world of madness, mayhem and relentless destruction where you will put survival of the fittest to the test, decimating your enemies just to survive.
Be insane, be very, very insane! With games of 4 vs 4, competitors from all over the world, you will never run out of death-defying stunts. Customize your car, your character and your armory to make your own personal angel of destruction on four wheels. In this world, boldness is all that counts.

Game features:

  • HMM is a one-of-a-kind 4v4 multiplayer combat arena that combines the excitement of capture the flag [where the flag is a steel bomb with an active core] & the satisfaction of taking your aggro out on the opposing team in this 4v4 battle to the death.
  • You’ll be choosing an epically-styled vehicle heavily equipped with an arsenal of special skills to demolish your opponents in a post-apocalyptic arena. Each pilot is unique, with their own skills and traits to crush your enemies.
  • This is a strategic online multiplayer, meaning that you and your teammates have specific roles that make or break your wins in real-time, making your FAME accrued and experience points something like bragging rights in the game.
  • Players are spawned across a treacherous map on their team sides, with the bomb in the center. Once picked up, players of the allied bomb holder have to come together to defend to the end – which is the enemy’s territory.
  • Each match is a best of 5, where a team member has to deliver the bomb 3 times to the enemy base in order to destroy and conquer the other team.
  • This game brings teamwork and capture the flag to a whole new level, making it an adrenaline packed deadly battle arena. Exploding your opponent’s base is an amazing reward for winning the car chase.

More info:

Grab your Beta Key:

Madness and mayhem, explosions and excitement! We have 6000 beta keys up for grabs and we make no guarantees for how long they’ll last so grab yours while supplies last!

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Beta key redemption instructions:

To get your very own HMM beta key simply follow these 37 easy steps:

  • Step #1 – Fill out the form above and check your email for your beta key
  • Step #37 – Open your Steam client, click “Add a game”, then “Activate a product on Steam”, and punch in your key

That’s right, it’s that simple, and you can skip all the steps in between and start unleashing chaos right away!
Don’t forget to invite your friends as well, as Heavy Metal Machines gets ridiculously entertaining in good company!