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Landmark is an online sandbox where you can design and build anything you can imagine, and help create content for EverQuest Next, highly anticipated next-gen MMORPG. Any object and building you construct in Landmark may end up being used in EverQuest Next, so plenty of players have been flocking into Landmark to display their creativity.

About Landmark

Landmark is an online social building game where you can create anything you can imagine. Powered by the ForgeLight Engine, Landmark features cutting edge technology and tools. Build and explore a world unlike anything you’ve seen before. The original name of the game was EverQuest Next Landmark, but that switched to simply Landmark in March 2014.

Landmark gives players all the tools they need to build the fantasy realms that they themselves would like to see. The best “landmarks” which is what the team is coining fan creations, will be featured as official locales to be explored by millions in the upcoming EverQuest Next.


  • Build Anything — Create and build anything you can imagine. With Landmark’s state-of-the-art tools, you have unprecedented control over your creations.
  • Explore — Explore diverse worlds and claim a spot of your own to build on. Delve deep into the earth for even more to discover, but beware of the dangers that lurk below the surface.
  • Make Your Mark — Build alone or in groups to create massive Landmarks in the world. Join construction competitions and your creations could last forever in Landmark, and potentially in EverQuest Next!
  • Collect — The rarest resources, objects, gear, and secrets are scattered across the worlds of Landmark! Can you find everything?
  • Earn Money — Buy and sell items in Player Studio, DGC’s marketplace for player-created goods.

Get into Landmark Beta

If you want to get into beta testing of Landmark, you have several options:

  1. Purchase an official Founder’s Pack (prices range from $19,99 to $99,99)
  2. Obtain a shareable Closed beta key by purchasing Trailbrazer Founder’s Pack (you get 4 shareable keys for $99,99)
  3. Acquire a Time-Limited Closed Beta Key
  4. Participate in GetBetaKeys’ giveaways

If you really want to get into the game purchasing the cheapest Founder’s Pack for $19,99 will guarantee your beta access, but for everyone else you’re welcome to participate in our giveaways to try your luck at snagging a Landmark closed beta key.

Several of our users already sent us a few shareable keys, some of which went out to our followers on Facebook and Twitter. If anyone else wants to contribute more keys for our giveaways feel free to send them to our support staff!

We’ll be giving away the rest of the keys we have and get to our newsletter subscribers so if you want a chance to win one and also participate in our other giveaways be sure to sign up below!


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