Magerealm Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway

Magerealm Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway

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Featuring four unique character classes and countless heroes and angels at your disposal to tailor your experience, Magerealm is the ultimate fantasy ARPG. The game is a perfect combination of immersive role-playing and intense action, placing the player in a vibrant world filled with adventure and peril while remaining true to the fundamentals of great RPG’s: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more!

Play Magerealm for Free

That’s Magerealm: Rise of Chaos in a nutshell. To celebrate the anticipated start of Magerealm’s Open Beta and to give you an epic boost in this fantastic game we have a giveaway with 1,000 newbie gift pack codes, and they’re up for grabs!

About Magerealm

As an elite Mage sent by the Council of Magic to look for the 7 legendary relics to save the world and defeat the evil Lord of Demons, players are drawn into an epic war for the control of ancient relics. Along the way, you will discover secrets, encounter enemies and find allies when you least expect it. Long story short, Magerealm will enthrall you with its characters, graphics, plot and much more.

In the world of Magerealm there are countless ways to increase your strength so that you can face any challenge along your journey. Runes, angels and heroes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to
the infinite possibilities that Magerealm provides for players. What your team looks like, who you want fighting by your side through thick and thin and ultimately, what legend you become is all up to you.


If these beautiful screenshots don’t convince you to give a shot at Magerealm, nothing will!

Grab your free Gift Pack

We have 1,000 Gift Packs to give you a head start in Magerealm and they’re completely free, so just fill in your details below and you’ll receive a code immediately!

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Redemption instructions:

  1. Once in game, click on “Hot Event” at the top
  2. Click the “Gift Code” button
  3. Input the code and click “Collect Rewards”

Gift pack contents:

  • Realmgem – x200
  • Level 1 Gem Chest – x3
  • Gold – 199,999
  • Amethyst – 99,999

Keep in mind that each code can only be used once, and each account can only redeem one of these codes. Also, gift pack codes will expire on September 30, 2015 so don’t forget to redeem them before that date!