MU Classic Newbie Gift Pack Giveaway

MU Classic Giveaway

MU Classic is a free to play RPG which inherits the classic gameplay of the highly popular MU Online. To get you started in this epic game we have 500 special gift packs to give away, so be sure to keep on reading and claim yours below.

About MU Classic

MU Classic is a second generation 3D role play webgame licensed by WEBZEN. It inherits the classic game play of the epic game Mu Online and will bring players the utmost visual enjoyment by its European style graphics and stunning skill effects. As the first plugin-free 3D webgame, MU Classic will let players experience the epic journey again. If you are strong enough, you will be able to defeat monsters and powerful rivals, and create your own legend.

Grab Your Newbie Gift Pack

To grab your own newbie gift pack simply fill out the form below. Your key will be sent to the email provided instantly!

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Your email address is only used to prevent multiple requests from the same person. We will never send you any spam or share your details with anyone!

Redemption instructions:

  1. Go to MU Classic website
  2. Sign up for the game and create a character
  3. Find Welfare Officer in Iorencia (coordinates: 114,70)
  4. Talk to the NPC and click “Claim Activation Code”
  5. Input your gift pack code and enjoy!

Remember that each gift pack code can only be used once, and multiple gift packs won’t work on the same account. Gift packs contain $10 worth of in-game items:

  • EXP Stamp (2 hours) x2
  • Condensed HP Potion x20
  • Condensed MP Potion x20
  • Basic Life Stone x1
  • Basic Magic Stone x1
  • Resurrection Stone x10
  • Repair Hammer x5
  • Teleport Amulet x10

Gift pack codes are valid for the beta event running from 21:00 9/3 – 23:59 9/10, GMT-5, 2014. We have 500 of these amazing and valuable gift packs so be sure to claim yours now: register for free here and go enjoy this exciting game!